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And now to wait another week for the next episodes of Moorim School. I shall now go watch videos of Binnie to fill the hole in my heart. *whispers* don't tell Hakyeon..
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@Vixxstarlight1 well they ended episode 3 on a pretty big one so let's see how much worse they could do
2 years ago·Reply
@MaeLyn right after that happened I clicked the next episode button and it took me to a different drama, i was like took me about a minute to realize i was in the wrong drama
2 years ago·Reply
@Vixxstarlight1 haha nice
2 years ago·Reply
shits i still havent even started aw well weekend is coming so i will watch it ahh Bean in another drama
2 years ago·Reply
@ARMYStarlight well you've got 4 episodes to binge
2 years ago·Reply