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I don't know if any of you noticed, but 'Hangover' star Zach Galifianakis wasn't really out in the limelight in 2015. There were no movies, no spots on TV shows, no music video cameos, not even a new comedy special. (Okay, granted he got Obama to appear on his Funny Or Die interview series 'Between Two Ferns', but overall, the year was pretty lacking.)
But, fear not, fans! Because it is Jump Ahead January, I am here to announce that Zach will be making his bold return to comedy. Let's take a look at two projects I know that I'LL definitely be looking forward to - SWIPE LEFT FOR THE TRAILERS!

"Baskets" (TV Series)

Release Date: January 21
Starting THIS WEEK on FX, Zach stars in "Baskets", Louie CK's newest offbeat comedy. Playing clown school drop-out Chip Baskets (and his non-identical twin brother, Dale Baskets), the show follows him as he continues to pursue his dream of being a professional clown - beginning with a regular gig as a local rodeo clown.
(I think it's also worth noting that Louie Anderson plays his mom. You know, the guy who used to host Family Feud post-Bob Barker. He definitely plays Zach's mom.)

"Masterminds" (Movie)

Release Date: September 30
For the heist comedy "Masterminds", Zach teams up with equally hilarious actors Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudeikis. The film is SNL creator Lorne Michaels' comedic take on the 1997 Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery, the second largest bank robbery in American history. And who better to do the robbing than Kristen and Zach playing a pair of romantically involved country bumpkins.
(Seriously. How Kristen and Zach have never been in a movie together until this point is seriously BEYOND me.)

So are there any other Zach fans on here? Are any of you looking forward to these?

Also which one of you are going to try to catch 'Baskets' when it debuts this week?!

Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to celebrate Jump Ahead January with your OWN list of funny TV shows and movies you're looking forward to.
@danidee I hope so too hh
@RababNaji right?! I loved it too. I hope both of these are super funny too!
the hangover is the best
@RababNaji Do you want to know something funny about the Hangover? I went to go see it in the theaters, but I was too hungover to watch it, and the opening credits were making me sick, so I had to leave... :'(