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Okay I'm super excited that this man is finally getting discharged from the military. I swear it's been a long wait...and with my other favorite people going into the military or already in it, he can make the wait for the others bearable...
Loved him in Flower Boy Next Door, I think it's one of my all time favorites of his just because of how much of a dork he is...and I mean come on he dances in a panda costume how can you not love that??? Because of this show I have nicknamed him Panda boy. He reminds me of a panda so adorable and cute you just want to hug and cuddle him....
My birthday is next week and I found out that he is being released from the military soon after so I'm like 'YES!!!, I'm sure he will take a break as much as I would love for him to be in a new drama or movie, but his health comes first and I'm just super happy he will be back!!!