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It's one thing to cosplay for fun. It's quite another when you're actually BUILDING LEGIT character items THAT REALLY WORK!
If you're as enamored with Assassin's Creed as me and balled your eyes out when Ezio was killed off, then you're going to gasp when you see what ColinFurze made: a fully working Hidden Blade and Rope Launcher from Assassin's Creed!

This guy is way too cool for school!

Holy shit! Hold my beer boys I got this!!!! " dresses in assassins creed outfit"
I have no need for these items, but would love nothing more than to have them strapped to my arms, and showing off at a rock-climbing space or any place that would let me show off. Glad you feel the same way @nberry1620 @DavidPap, i could see him doing that...i could see myself doing that.
haven't been on for a couple days so I just got to see this... and oh good god, I would have absolutely no use for or in anyway need these items... But I want them anyway!! ^_^
that is awesome. imagine him just grappling him self on a convention
It truly is @poojas I was at PAX recently and was amazed by the cosplay creativity and attention to detail. Awesome!
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