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list three anime/manga characters that describe you!
L (Death Note) childish and hate losing love sweets love justice
Light (Death Note) also Childish and hates losing always get what he want no matter the sacrifice
Yato (Noragami) bipolar much never gives up love to draw direct honest
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kirito - passion to protect what he cherishes vegeta - never gives up no matter what is in front of him and last but not least tatsumi - fights for justice
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Chitoge Kirisaki, Taiga Asuka, and Kae. (Forgot her last name😅)
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Lucy Heartfilia- for her (obvious) love for Natsu and her love and care for other people. Sakura Haruno- for her anger issues. (I guess I really need help) and her love for Sasuke!! Inuyasha- for his impatient-ness and his goal to protect his friends no matter what (basically also Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin too)
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watashi wa xx shinasai's Yukina,Relife's Kariu,and Nisekoi's Onodera
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