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Also there's no need to ask that question but comment if necessary anime heroes or cartoon heroes anime
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rogue would still fuck up goku and saitama. all she needs is one touch. @ZethZetsway
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@MalcolmAllen she would never get close enough and she would never get the chance b.c she's not fast enough lol I mean come on now these guys have the ability to destroy galaxies and solar systems gosh
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she'll get close because she has super strength and can fly and she could just touch quick silver and touch both of them. Plus both goku and saitama have mental weaknesses because they're both too cocky and will let her get one punch and she'll take them and they'll go into a coma @ZethZetsway
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@MalcolmAllen lmaaooooo Yea OK 馃憥 馃惛馃嵉
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doctor Manhattan can destroy them just by thinking it. @ZethZetsway
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