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Take a good look at this person. Her name is Cinnamon Nicole. And she unsuccessfully raised $810 in a bid to collect $100,000 to cover the cost of idiocy and brazen behavior when she and her family--according to her GoFundMe page--lost EVERYTHING because they determined, inexplicably, that they'd win the largest Powerball Lottery in history, a record of $1.6B.
Apparently, her pitch for moolah made some impact as she was able to raise $810 from people who believed her story and felt bad for her, or just as oddly, from people who knew it was a scam and thought, "What the hell..."
It didn't take long for her account to be suspended; and yes, the money all went back to their respective donors.
What will people come up with next?!?!?!
See I have a go fund me place. But it's about my kidney transplant.. Being able to support myself after the surgery since I can't work. This shit makes everyone else who needs real help a problem
WOW! That's ridiculous. I'm not surprised though, smh people will do anything for a few dollars @AlloBaber
@jordanhamilton Omg it did turn out to be a scam!!!
That's totally true, @LAVONYORK. I feel like this kind of cheapens the image of crowdfunding when, in reality, it has potential to be a really great tool.
@LAVONYORK You're so right, it means the genuine cases like yours are not supported as well as they should be 馃槦
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