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The Supermarket is one of the best places to go on earth.
I love the Supermarket. You can grab whatever you heart desires (barring your pockets can afford it.) Sadly, many people get home, look at the items they purchased and wonder: Why did I buy this? This doesn't look or taste like I expected at all.
For those who struggle with choosing the right items while out food shopping, have no fear! I will help you make the right choices in the supermarket that will allow to you enjoy a high quality mean everyday!
What's Wrong With It: Pre-grated cheese comes coated with cornstarch or some other powder intended to prevent it from clumping. However, this anti-clumping powder can affect the way the cheese melts or incorporates into sauces.
Lord knows I love macaroni and cheese. I mean, who doesn't? The stuff is amazing. With that being said, nothing is worse that low end cheese in the meal. Pre-grated cheese can be cheaper, but the quality often suffers. .
What to Get Instead: Buying blocks of cheese and grating them yourself can save you money, will give you more control over quality.
Do yourself a favor and grab the block of cheese for your meals, the end quality of the meal will be much better in the long run.
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I don't like buying groceries, but gotta eat. That means cooking (sighing). Macaroni and cheese has to be made homestyle that way you also control the flavor. There are so many types of cheese. Now, I'm hungry:) I think any dish with cheese should be freshly grated.