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Take a look at Sonjdra Deluxe's lips! They're gorgeous!
Earlier today @TessStevens shared a card on ColorPop Cosmetics, which you really need to see here! She talked about the matte The Ultra Matte Lip and Lippie Stix. Both are mattes, mind you.
Now, @JordanHamilton and I have agreed to disagree on the whole matte lip trend. She's all in and adores it--along with A LOT OF GALS. I suppose I am the minority and LOVE glosses, sheens and shine! That's just my thing.
I say all that because when I discovered Sonjdra Deluxe in this muted color and matte lips--like bisque porcelain--I WAS DONE! I CAN'T!
For those of you wondering, like me, WHAT LIP PRODUCTS IS SHE WEARING?!?!?!, I already contacted her to find out. I'm just waiting for her response. In the meantime, we can all make this face together:
And if you don't know who business woman fish, Alyssa Edwards, is, CLICK HERE!
First off, I can go with either look depending on what I'm wearing and and the rest of my makeup. The color of lipstick also makes a difference, too. Secondly, omg I didn't even KNOW you had a collection for Alyssa. I live for Drag Race. Let me go follow that riiiight NOW.
So perfect! And that cat eye. YES!
The matte lips aren't all that bad! Although, I do prefer more glossy because it makes the lips get a little more shine to it. The matte seems to suit mature women :)
I defintely love this look. I love the extremes of the color spectrum. So muted nudes and unstated shades have a place in my heart. I love her dramatic eyes paired with this elegant matte lip hue. I can't for you to find out what she used.