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i think this is a good match up.

Wendy Marvell

wendy is small but fierce mage from fairy tail. She is one of the select few that was taught dragon slaying magic. This means she has the ability to slay dragons. Her special kind is called sky dragon slayer. She uses the power of air/wind to attack. One of her attacks is the sky dragon roar, she intakes alot of air and shoots it out in a dangerous stream of air. she cannot do this forever only if she has enough magic energy. She may look small but she's tough


In combat, Temari uses her giant iron fan in tandem with her Wind Releasenature manipulation to create severe torrents winds. In addition to being used as a makeshift club or to block attacks, the fan can be used to glide upon in order to intimidate her foes,and it seems to be made of some sort of steel, since it is able to deflect kunai and shuriken when opened. Inscribed on her fan are three purple circles spaced equally across its length, which she calls "stars". As she opens the fan to reveal each star in sequence, the fan's power increases greatly.
both use wind to attack and very skilled at it but which one will win?
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Temari has a bad handicap here unless she uses something else her wind attacks would just be eaten by Wendy
2 years ago·Reply
Wendy no question
2 years ago·Reply
Wendy hands down
2 years ago·Reply
Wendy, assuming she'd go all out
2 years ago·Reply
Wendy for sure on that one.
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