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I just found this band on youtube a couple months ago back in 2015. I really liked the one song that they've released but I hadn't heard anything else from them in a while. But my playlist was on random today while I was getting ready for class and their song came on which made me think, "Hey, I wonder how many actually know about this band?" So, I've decided to make a card about them, I am using information and pctures from KpopInfo114 (ALL CREDIT TO THIS WEBSITE!!!!!)that shows their profile so if you want ALL the details, you should go there.
First music video of theirs and the one that made me fall in love with them after watching it for the third time. Called "Please Love Me," by Target. Video owned and published on YouTube by TNSentertainment which is the company that owns the band as well.
This is a video of them practicing - Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang and I think they did very well! They are some really awesome dancers!
They did a cover of VIXX's Hype dance!!! OMG GUYS!!!
THey did a dance cover/practice of BTS's We are Bulletproof pt.2, and they are pretty damn good if I don't say so myself.
These are two videos of the band talking they are called Episode 1 and 2 and I think there is more than 5 episodes, not sure of that though. These videos have eng subs too! Crdit to YouTuber: chiinity
The band goofing off and practicing.... please ignore their singing in this video they are just having fun!
Video owned by TNSentertainment, NG CUT.... it is NOT IN ENGLISH!!

Introduction to the band:

Since I do not know their faces yet to match their names, I have put a bunch of pics of them together. If you can tell me and you know, let me know! Once, I figure them out, I will post another card that'll be attached to this by link. Until then, I hope you support these boys!!
****In the second picture it shows a member that no longer belongs to the band: K. EEN
And in the last three.... I'm not sure WHAT was going on there lol but it is from one of the youtube videos.
1) Real Name is Kim Hogi but his stage name/nick name is G.I
He is a rappers of the group
He was born 06/25/93 meaning he is 23 years old internationally. I think 24 Korean, I may be wrong in the Korean ages.
His blood type is A
2) Real name is Jeon Junggeun but his stage name/ nick name is Seul Chan.
His the leader of the group.... and I think he might be my bias in the group...
He was born 04/25/94 meaning he is 22 years old and I believe 24 in Korean.
He is AB in blood type.
3)Real name is Kim Jaemin but his stage name is Zeth, and he is another bias in this group of my picking.
He is the rapper/vocalist.
His birthday is 09/01/95 so that means he is 21 years old or 22 in Korean.
His blood type is O
4) Real name is Son Minhyun but the stage name is Hyun
He is a vocalist.
He was born 06/11/96 so he is 20 years old but I believe his Korean age is 21 - he is 2 months older than me!
His blood type is A
5) His real name is Ju Youngwoong and his stage name is Roi.
He is a rapper and vocalist.
He was born 06/12/96 so he is 20 like Hyun and 21 in Korean ages. He is always 2 months older than me!
His blood type is A
6) Real name: Im Junghak, Stage name: Boun
He is a vocalist.
Born 06/25/96 20/21 years old = again 2 months older than me... this is getting weird. lol
His blood type is O
7) Real Name Lee Woojin, Stage name is Han
He is a rapper
He was born 11/28/98, making him 18 and 19 in Korean age chart thingy.
His blood type is A
Official Sites and Fan sites:
There is a facebook page for them too!
******* I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES, MEMES, SONGS, VIDEOS, PEOPLE, OR LINKS. I got my info by searching a few places and finally get one place that looked half way decent to see. There is not a lot known about this band. I hope they will come out with something soon, they have been out of the public's eye for 2 to 3 months now.
Only taggin a few peeps but if there is more to see it the better! Tag away in the comments to the peeps you want to review the info!
@ARMYStarlight I know right? Like in my fav bands they are either too flippin' young or too old, ugh, and now there is this new band that will hopefully be coming out with new stuff and they will be around my age!!!
you know you get my attention when a band has 96' liners ahh and there are three in the same month?!?!
@amandamuska as of right now I'm 19.
19 or 20 idk im dumb @Maelyn
@amandamuska 6/26/96
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