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Body Type: adlet, looks great and is very capable of fighting long ranged and close range and if I had his mind I would be the full package for combat.
Setting: Hellsalems Lot, formerly new York until the great collapsed caused the alterworld to engulf this city letting monsters flow and now live here making a dangerous, lively, and exciting place to live and adventure with all its threats.
Power: void genome, the power to use the hearts of anyone I want, the form varies per person but if you know the right people you'll have an arsenal of amazing and deadly weapons or even ones that save lives.
Catchphrase: I'm all fired up, a catchphrase that so many people will wanna use but why not? it is perfect cuz if your fired up then no matter what your doing, you are ready to go all out doing it.
Companion: Klaus von Reinherz, this guy is cool, kind, and and a gentleman to a fault. If I was in hellsalems lot, having this guy as a friend would turn it into one hell of an amazing and dangerous ride.
so that's my ideal anime self and I think it would b quite the thrill ride
also I chose the things I chose for the following reasons. 1: with the void genome anyone who has strong ideals like "I want to keep my friend safe" or "I will kill all of them for vengeance" they will most likely have a powerful void, and with the setting of hellsalems lot there are tons of those people. 2: I chose Klaus because he is awesome, he has strong ideals and is a powerful individual so being friends with him would not only give me access to his void and assets, but to the rest of Libra and their voids, and who wouldn't wanna be friends with them. 3: I chose adlets body because he isn't a monster but he is powerful and wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb in a place like hellsalems lot.