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Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" segment on his late night television show is getting better by the week.
he segment generally consists of a reporter canvassing pedestrians for opinions on fictitious occurrences. Last night's episode was dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr, but in an odd way, as Kimmel hit the streets to ask pedestrians how they felt about MLK endorsing Trump as President.
The one big problem with that is Dr. King died over 50 years ago.
It’s hilarious because it goes to show the average American might not be as fully aware of general knowledge talk points and further, will lie to appear as if they do.
I was amazed that so many Americans went with the flow on the MLK-Trump co-sign. How many people are unaware that Martin Luther King died so long ago? How is it possible for people to go through the school system and be unaware of MLK's untimely death?
My school system failed to mention Dr. King was shot. So anything is possible
Man, Jimmy REALLY went out of his way to try to make a MLK Day relevant funny...
I can't even..