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Hey guys! So heres a question I have for you: Which anime villain would you want to have on your side? My answer? Honestly I dont know.. I cant say I have watched many animes where I get attached to the villains. haha but if I had to choose..?
haha okay Team Rocket is hilarious! haha I mean they arent really villainous but they do try! They wouldn't truly do something evil but I admire their perseverance and determination! But.. who I really want by my side is...
But really,.. I would love to have Tyki Mikk (from D.Gray-man) on my side because he is just a suave and sophisticated killer! haha and he also has no real interest in helping the Earl but he loves the thrill of killing the ones full of hope and love. He also has this very villainous look and personality about him... he can be quite arrogant and a short temper haha (X
So Nakama, who is the number 1 bad guy you would want by your side? comment below or make a card of your own! @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso @MadAndrea @Kirik @punksjunk @nberry1620 @Silverfang @NikolasSatterwh @AdamDean @MetalMorgan @Thatperson512 @LuffyNewman @tayhar18920
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I want yagami light
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is the dude beside Aizen Igneel?
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Chrollo from HunterXHunter
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idk I'd have to pick aizen or light yagomi I hope I spelled that right
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