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So I was up late one night last week. I was sick as a dog and needed sleep. Rule one, if you are sleepy and sick.. Stay off computers and blogs... Omg and Amazon. Anyway, I was feeling bummy and crummy as usually. Still dealing with the surgery... What a recovery. Anyway let's look at what the hell I did and why I blame my friend in Australia. She was up, she should have stopped me . Btw no one approves of Wtf I did and I was told I need to move to the southern part of the states.
The result. Da fuq.. Maybe because I have no make up on and just that matte lip that makes me look like I just made out with Sub Zero. It's definitely has staying power... Meaning staying in the bottle and return to sender lol. Now my friends who dabble in Beauty, what do you think? Sub Zero make out? Nah @jordanhamilton @TessStevens @amobigbang @alywoah @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh
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Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Yeah I agree with everyone else here. Try a purple or dark pink liner and blend the two together. Then you can even put a gloss on top to change the tone further. I definitely don't hate it though. You could work it with a cat eye and go super vixen. Meeeeow!!
@ButterflyBlu ooooh that would look amazing!!! I've seen a few people doing cat eye with a white liner and I think @LAVONYORK could totally pull that off :D
@shannonl5 she totally could!! You hear that, Lydi!! @LAVONYORK you'd look amazing. If you try it. We want to see! πŸ’œ
@marshalledgar the first noob experience lol