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One day, you finally decided to get up after staying in bed re-watching the MAMA awards. As you walk in the kitchen, you talk to yourself "Awww why is GD so pretty?And older than me?" As you eat breakfast you think about how cool it would be to meet the one and only Big Bang leader G-Dragon. After getting dressed, fixing your hair and everything you decide to walk around town, as you do, you walk into a mall that has lots of stores that sells kpop merch. You get excited and run into the nearest store to see everything. You buy lots of things Exo merch, Bts merch, Seventeen merch, 2pm merch, shinee merch, 2ne1 merch, etc. but you see that the last bigbang backpack is being bought by a man in a big coat with a black and white surgical mask around his face and he is also wearing sunglasses. He turns around to you to see you sad. "Why so bummed out, child?" "Oh nothing important... its just that you have the last big bang merch and I wanted to buy it but Its fine!!" He grabs the backpack and hands it to you. "Here, you deserve it VIP, Who's your bias?" He asks. "GD!!!" you yell out but to realize that people were watching you.
"Well, want to come with me and we can chat about Big Bang? if you want?" He asks you but he looks down and scratches his neck. "Of course I will oh and what is your name?"
"Umm.... I can't exactly tell you right here.."
"Why not?oh and Im (Y/N) by the way."
"Nice to meet you..." He pulls you over into the closet of the store and whispers into your ears softly as he lifts your chin up, "You promise not tell anybody". "Of course I swear of Big Bang."
"Okay, don't get crazy, haha." He whispers into your right ear and his right hand is on your neck while his left hand is around your waist, pulling you in closer. "I'm GD"... You push him back to look, you rip off his mask to see him, The real Jiyong!!
@KeziahWright hha alright @shellyfuentes70 your welcome and @BelencitaGarcia of course
yes of course @AmberFranco and thanks @yaya12 @SusiBosshammer Ikr!!! I was dying during this like its GD were talking about lol
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looks like a cute opening. tag me pls!
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