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So I was watching Big Bang's bang bang bang MV with my 4yr old little sister and she kept asking me "who's that guy? who's that guy??" so I asked her what guy she was talking about and she said "the guy with the big hat!!" and I told her that guy is top. Then she started saying stuff like "I like top" "top's hat is really tall!"
As we were watching I kept hearing her say something about top (she kept mumbling and it was hard to understand lol) so I asked her "do you like top?" and she said "yeah, I like top hat" "top hat is my favorite!" lmao!!!

T.O.P HAT!!!!!!!

I love my little sister so much!!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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too cute. I like his hats too
awweee took cute 馃挄
I'm sure he would get a kick out of being called top hat too lol
@RebeccaLondon ikr lol! that was my thought exactly!!
ohhhh so adorable!!