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(These cards will be posted on the K-Pop community since Hongbin/Lee Hyunwoo is in it :)(Also in the Learn Korean Community! I'll provide Korean quizzes at the end :)

If some of you know... Hongbin (as well as Lee Hyunwoo) is in this drama~~!!!! He's a really good actor!!

And... also! VIXX sings the song, "Alive" available in the Moorim School OST #1 :D
It's really catchy!!! Here's an audio!!!


The beginning was kind of confusing, but gradually the puzzle pieces started sticking together!!!!
- Basically there's a guy (Lee Hyunwoo...Baekhyun look-a-like!?) and he's in a popular K-Pop group, but he has disabilities (hearing)
- At a concert, a girl saves the guy (Yoon Shiwoo is his name) from falling lights. The girl finds out that Shiwoo's disability is losing his hearing sometimes, and tells him to go to "Moorim School" so that his disability will get fixed.
- There's also the son of a famous company in China, Wang Chi Ang (Hongbin). He got kicked out of middle schools, and in fear, his parents decide to put him into "Moorim High" but he keeps on running away because he doesn't want to go to school.
- Wow. Omg. I'm going to skip a few parts... #dontwanttospoil
- Anyway, Chi Ang decides to go to "Moorim High" because the girl who saved him (you'll find out if you watch it) goes there too.
- Together, Shiwoo and Chi Ang go to Moorim High.
It's kind of complicated, but I really think you'd like it!!! Oppas hwaiting!

Quote of the Episode!

"In this cold winter, you have to eat things like this potato rice cake".
Can anyone translate this sentence back into Korean? ;)
actual conversation at school today: them:you watch Chinese dramas me: there Korean them: so they speak Korean? me: No the speak tagalog[makes a why you so stupid face] them:o really *face palm* I just don't know what to do with these people
I am obsessed with this show!!!! it's so good!!! Lee Hyun Woo is perfect in this. I'm gonna watch more right now actually ^_^
@Vixxstarlight1 I know what you mean. We have only two asians in our school, and they are from here. And also, this show, Hyunie, Beanie, and Alive (ost) ARE ALL AMAZING! I need more~~~
@CurrySoop I'm in Phoenix
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