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Mission: Get Jimin to Say Thank You

Here's the scenario:

Jungkook is given a mission to get Jimin to say "thank you" when he receives a compliment (cause Jimin is known for never saying thank you - only saying things like 'stop lying, etc' when it comes to compliments)
When Jungkook reads the challenge he starts complaining about how this will be IMPOSSIBLE.

Spoiler alert:

Jimin says thank you ON JUNGKOOK'S FIRST TRY.
The real gold of this video though is Kookie's reaction - he is TOTALLY shocked.

Watch it on Vine:


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The look on his face is priceless! 馃槃馃槀
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@Allie132 i was thinking that too but i think he was just wanting the wifi password on mirror but yeah i think hes finally starting to kinda be comfortable with himself cuz hes been allowing himself to gain a bit of weight lately. the run comeback had me worried cuz he was so skinny but ever since last month or month before (cant remember which) when he said at fanmeeting that he was gonna gain weight and eat alot and all the fans cheered it made him really happy and hes been getting more healthy looking everytime i see him ever since
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@JoanneJr YASSSSS!!!!
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I loved that video it was priceless! @kpopandkimchi
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