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School has been hell, I'm 95% sure I'm going to break and crawl into a corner and cry. I haven't been able to get on Vingle as much, or at all really. I swear I am not ignoring anyone. I love you all! I will catch up and get back to you when I can. So much is going on right now. I feel like I am getting sick, which is just terrible. I'm driving myself insane. Mental breakdown mode: Activated. We are going to take a break to admire my babies...
Deep breath....
Excuse me while I have a mental breakdown. Maybe if I concentrate oppa will appear. GO GO GADGET OPPA!! No? Danmmmerarnet... *cough* 안괜찮아 Um goodnight 💙
I know the 3rd pic isn't Korean related at all But Same.
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awww, I hope that whatever is going on gets better. just know if you want to talk through I'm a message away. or you can always make yourself feel better by listening to all your opppas' music.^^ for some reason there is a specific video that always makes me feel better. It may sound weird but it is Got7 "Magnetic" Dance Practice. I don't remember how this even came about but it would just bump my mood up with this vid. Maybe there is something specific (a song or video, movie) that can make you feel better (:
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Haha don't worry :) no need to rush since I'm pretty sure we'll all be here ^^ take your time and don't over work yourself :D FIGHTING!!!
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It's all good friend:) you've got this!! 💪🏻
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It's okay, don't cry!! I've been busy with work and barely able to get on, so you aren't the only one. Just take care of yourself!!! We'll still be here when you are able to get back
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is that hongki.....he's so kawaii in baby chubby......dontcha just wanna kidnap him
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