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It's time for the next VKMAs Category!

You can view and vote on previous categories here!

Voting Rules:

*These rules will change depending on the category*
1. If voting, you must listen to all of the songs before making your final decision.
2. Personal biases should be put aside, this is not a popularity contest, this is voting to determine who you think released the best solo debut.
3. When you have decided who you want to vote for please write your vote in the comments section and tell us why you voted for that particular song or your vote will not be counted.

Please ask yourself, "Am I voting for this because I think it is the best song? Or is it because I like this girl more?"

Here are our nominees:

1. Amber - Shake That Brass

Amber of f(x) debuted with this high energy track featuring Taeyeon of SNSD. She rotated the featured singers in her live shows and had help from the likes of Ailee and Wendy from Red Velvet.

2. Minah - I'm a Woman Too

Minah from Girls Day debuted with an emotional dance track about lost love. She's struggles to get over a breakup and she beautifully expresses it with this video and song.

3. Lee Hae Na - Not So Pretty Ending

Former Kiss&Cry's Lee Hae Na's stunning debut is a slow pop track that uses everything from a piano to a synthesizer. Her strong vocals shine in the powerful chorus!

4. Park Jimin - Hopeless Love

15&'s Park Jimin captures the feeling of hopelessness in her emotional debut ballad 'Hopeless Love.' Her powerful vocals and this beautiful video make for an absolutely stunning debut.

5. MIWOO - Broken Doll

With her unique voice, Minwoo's debut calls for self confidence and pride in yourself. She calls for you to put yourself back together and recognize your full potential.

6. Baek Yerin - Across the Universe

15&'s Yerin offers the perfect coffeehouse sound track with her soft jazz debut, Across the Universe. Her calming vocals make for an innocent, lovely love song.

7. Elsie - I'm Good (Feat. K.Will)

Elsie (T-ARA's Eunjung) teamed up with K.Will for her heartbreaking debut. This ballad is filled with emotion thanks to Elsie's powerful vocals and is likely to bring a tear to your eye!

Please leave your votes in the comments and tell us why you chose who you chose :D

Hopeless Love by Park Jimin. The girl is stunningly beautiful and talented. Her voice is so mature and she's only what, 18? 19? To be able to nott only have a voice like hers at that age, but to be able to sing a song like hers and pull off great performances is a great blessing for her. So my vote goes to Jimin.
#4 Park Jimin no question about it! This song just hits you right in the feels and her voice is just 😀😱 I really like her soulful voice 😍
Park Jimin hands down. That song is so full of emotion. Gah. She's absolutely beautiful.
Minah, that song was so beautiful... I love when it comes on one of my playlists... this is a tough category... if it was Amber's second song I would have vote different
i am stuck between park jimin, minwoo, and yerin. all the songs in this category. if it was beautiful by amber it would have won my vote. i really liked minah's but i found the choreo distracting from the powerful lyrics. overall the ones that recahed my heart were the ones i zstated first... out of these three i would chose minwoo. the lyrics and overall feel got to me the most. park jimin was a close second
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