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Pt. 4
You were on your way to the dorms, you grabbed the clothes that Jin loaned you so it wouldn’t seem that you came to visit Yoongi on purpose. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, just yet. You bought snacks for the boys and came to the dorms. You rang the bell. No one answered. “Hm, weird. They should have been back from practice already.” – you thought and decided to seat on the porch to wait for them. As soon as you set the door opened, it was sleepy Yoongi. He looked at you with his sleepy eyes. “How can he look so sexy all the time?” – you thought you said in your head. “I can hear you, you idiot.” – he giggled and grabbed you by your hand pulling you in. He pushed you against the door and put his arm on the door next to your face, he came in closer and kissed your lips. The kiss was passionate and gentle at the same time. When he stopped kissing you, you were able to realize that the dorms were empty. It was just you and him, it seemed more than enough to make you forget that Damon was on the plane and would probably be here in the next 13 hours. You spent a very romantic evening. He played piano for you and you two fooled around for a bit. Suddenly you heard keys rattling, guys came from the movies. Suga grabbed your hand and brought you out to the guys, - “Look what I found on our porch!” Guys laughed, but Yoongi wasn’t done speaking. “This unicorn will be here often from now on, because it is my unicorn and I intend on keeping her.” – he said and laughed. Guys gave you a welcoming hug, “As long as the unicorn will be bringing us snacks, we don’t mind.” – said V as soon as he saw your snack bag on the table. The rest of the evening was fun. You and the boys played games but Jimin kept losing and it was funny to see him receive a punishment. It was almost 5 in the morning when you decided that you needed to go home, you didn’t have work but you wanted to rest and prepare your lesson plans. You said goodbye to the guys, received a kiss from Yoongi and left. You were so happy, butterflies in your stomach kept flying around and you were smiling like a fool. You opened the door to your apartment and saw a bag right next to the door. “Crap, crap, crap!!” – you thought, remembering that a while ago you sent Damon a key from your apartment. You heard water running, he was in the shower. “What do I do? What do I do?” – you thought pacing back and forth. You were not ready to face him, you were just happy with another man a second ago. “I can’t just leave, it is my apartment for god’s sake!” – you said and the water stopped running. “Shit, what do I do?’ – for some reason you felt like you were in the wrong, but you weren’t. You had less than a minute to come up with a plan. You decided to leave and think about it outside and comeback later when you have your thoughts together. As soon as you opened the door you heard – “Where do you think you are going? It is your apartment, you can’t just leave.” Damon was able to predict you more than you could predict yourself. You always hated that about him. You stopped, you didn’t want to see his face. His face, his voice they were bring back so many painful memories… but with his face and voice there were so many good ones, you tried to push them away, but it just brought tears to your eyes. You started to have that painful feeling when you feel your tears in your throat, it hurts, and you don’t want to turn around. You tried to take a step forward but instead collapsed on your knees and tears started falling from your cheeks. “Why? Why couldn’t you just let me be? Why?” – you cried out while trying to overcome your tears that were raining even harder. You felt the warmth of his body on your back he drought you in into his bare wet torso and carried you to the couch. You had no power to refuse. You were in so much pain, you were not sure you could speak, let alone try to fight him back. He put you on the couch, looked you in your eyes – “Because… I can’t live without you…”
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ahhh Damon don't you dare touch her!!!! She is so happy with Yoongi😊 don't ruin her relationship!!! ahhh this is sooo good!!!!
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omg 😣 Please let me slap him 😡 Let here with yoongi!!
live without me.... it's simple just go and never comeback 😂😂😂😂😂😂the pain of my beauty will go away. next chapter please I must have more I say MORE 😂😂😂😂
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