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Oops, I missed a few days... again lmao My dang.
Day 16: Song I used to love, but now hate Crazy bitch, by Buckcherry hahaha
Day 17: Radio Song I don't personally listen to the radio =/ Ever. But I was with my friend on one of those confusing nights at 12 A.M. after we had argued and were just sitting there, and this song came on. I thought it fit perfectly, and I had a desire to send it to her every time we ever had a fight, but it looks like I've run out of time to do that! Peace, by O. A. R. Love it so much. Like, irrationally so. It's perfect.
Day 18: A song that I wish I heard on the radio Collision. Survive, by Dayseeker @ButterflyBlu and @nicolejb this is the other side to Rory Rodriguez. I absolutely love him either way.
Day 19: A song from my favorite album Chemical Burns, Sadistik Ft. Eyedea and Lotte Kestner Alright. Sadistik is my favorite artist, Ultraviolet and Flowers For My Father are my two favorite albums and they're both by him. The special thing about this song is Michael Larson, A.K.A. Eyedea. One of THE most gifted and genius lyricists ever, in my opinion. Intricate bars of fire for days. Line after line of destruction and insane, complex flow. Truly an inspiration and all time great who died too soon. R. Eye. P. Mikey. Never forgotten, missed every day by many. and the song is fun as heck to follow along with!
and I'll do day 20 as well! Day 20: A song I listen to while I'm angry Easy. Tiptoe through the tulips, by Tiny Tim I just picture myself going on a killing spree like Yuno Gasai lmao I love her
Totally, just anything spoken word is awesome awesome! @Arellano1052
That was super catchy @Arellano1052, I have to check out more of this stuff. I'm usually into more electronic stuff, but I'm a fan of this too!
On YouTube, check out "InVogue records" on YouTube! I think they have some of the best metalcore and spoken word up-and-coming bands/groups! Being as an Ocean is another great band :3 @nicolejb I'm glad you like it, though! Not many people like the vocals, be they clean or rough!and I find metalcore to have the most emotional, deep lyrics I've heard in a long time.