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BTS would you rather day 19 *final day : (
Would you rather dance with J-hope or V at 5am with fuzzy socks on slipping over the dorm floors?
or V??????
I could see both doing this but I think I'd have more fun with V. So V is my answer. Tae baby!!!! We'd have so much fun waking up the others. (if they were still sleeping)
This was a fun challenge I think I might want to do this for other off to see if there are any....I'll leave behind several pictures....enjoy!
Do I HAVE to pick?! I don't want to. I want to be greedy. I love all the pics at the end.
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lol nah you could always have both join and maybe even the whole group lol. Yea I figured an explosion of bts was good lol
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@SarahVanDorn I just see balloons,streamers and bubbles everywhere lol
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@Tigerlily84 lol yay that's good
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