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* [Jump-Ahead January] is a site-wide event held by the moderators to look ahead of the year and look at some of the things to look forward to in each of our communities! You can check out the general announcement card here ---> Announcing Jump Ahead January! [JJ] and you can check out the announcement card for the Sports community here ---> [Jump-Ahead January] Sports!
Well I know by June, baseball season will be under way (and pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training in a month!), but there is something bigger to look forward to when summer officially starts.

NBA Finals!

Last year's NBA Finals was between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. To be honest, I predicted a Cavaliers' victory, but everyone, I mean like everyone (Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love) got hurt. LeBron had to carry the team by himself and we all know basketball is a team sport. And as it has been said many times in the world of sports, no individual is greater than the team. Thus, the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to claim their first championship title since 1975.
This year, I'm hoping to see LeBron back in the NBA finals. I know there are a lot of LBJ haters out there due to the stint he pulled off with The Decision and many other things, but I still admire him for not only his skills, but also his commitment and work ethic to winning. And I really think he deserves another shot at this especially with Cleveland before he gets too old.

Also, I'm going to predict a San Antonio Spurs vs Cleveland Cavaliers matchup for this year's NBA finals!

A lot of basketball fans are probably thinking the Warriors vs Cavs match up once again, but I feel like the Spurs will eventually beat the Warriors to advance to the finals! It's just my gut feeling so hopefully no one gets offended.

Which two teams do you think is going to make it to the 2016 NBA Finals?

That was my third card for Jump-Ahead January! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Come join the party sports fans! And feel free to comment or better...create cards with the header, [Jump-Ahead January] or [JJ] for things you are looking forward to this year!

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@VeronicaArtino Hahaha can't wait! Another Scurry vs LeBron matchup would definitely be a fun one to watch!
Duuuude. I would LOVE to see the Spurs! @mchlyang
@ButterflyBlu Yes! Same here. I'm going to predict a Spurs-Cavs matchup for the NBA finals!
@KyleBerke Ohhh hahaha you make me laugh