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That night replays in my head over and over. Tae had said he'd be calling to ask me out on another date soon and I couldn't wait. So when my phone rang I quickly answered it without looking at the caller id. "Hello" I said all bubbly "(Y/n) it's your mother. " "Oh hi what's up?" "Honey I have some bad news. ....your grandpa just passed away. " "What?" instantly my mood shifted "I'm sorry honey. The funeral is in a few days and I know your busy but we would like you to come. " "I'll be there. ..I'll come home tomorrow. " "Ok I love you and I'll see you tomorrow. " "Bye mom. " once I got off the phone I cried. I curled up into a little ball on the floor and tried to get the pain to go away. My grandpa was a big part of my life. He was my favorite. He always let me watch him work, and he was the sweetest man alive. He even encouraged me to go for what I want. It doesn't have to be a job it could just be a person. I was me because of him. My phone buzzed and I smacked it away. I didn't want any more news and knowing that my sister would be calling to check on me I didn't want the phone near me. The phone had gone off several times. I didn't care. Once I got my tears under control I went to my room to pack. After I was done I went to grab my phone. I looked at it. Surprising enough nothing on my phone was from my sister. 'Are you ok?' '(Y/n) please answer me' 'Did someone hurt you?' 'That's it I'm coming over.' After reading those messages I looked at my call log. Tae had called several times and one of the calls had gotten connected. It must have been when I threw my phone. Crap he heard me crying. I quickly text him but before I could hit send there was a knock at the door. I walked over to it and just knew who it was going to be. I opened the door. He came running in and grabbing my face with his hands. Slamming the door in the process. "(Y/n) you're ok...I was so worried." He pulled me into a hug and even though I tried not to break I did. I hugged him back and started crying. He just held me tighter. I finally pulled away after I stopped crying. "I'm sorry." "No its fine" he used his thumbs to wipe away my tears. "My grandpa just died. I have the funeral to go to in a few days." "(Y/n) I'm so sorry." He hugged me again and placed a kiss on the top of my head. Him being here made me feel a lot better. Although I still was upset he was a great distraction from the pain. "We'll have to have a date sometime after I get back" I smiled. "Ok but for now I'm going to stay and cheer you up." He said and pulled me over to my couch. He put in a funny movie and sat next to me. He stayed till I was about to fall asleep then he went home. He didn't want to but I said I'd be leaving early in the morning and he deserved to sleep in. Once morning came I called my work and explained what was going on. They told me to take my time. It was seriously the best place I've ever worked. So I went back to my parents for the funeral. I said my goodbyes and then came back within 3 days. I didn't tell anyone I was back because I just wanted to be alone. I'd sit in my living room eating ice cream and watching movies while I cried. I thought after a few days it would pass but I still was depressed. I had run out of food and need some but didn't want to go out. I didn't mean to text Tae but I did and he responded fast. Taetae: I'll bring you spicy? Ice cream? You name it I'll bring it. I told him what I wanted and then waited for him. I guess I knew I wanted him to be around me that's why I text him right. After a few minutes he was there. "Thank you." I jumped over the couch and ran to grab the food. I quickly stuffed some chips in my mouth while I went to make the other food. While I was sticking my food in the microwave he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "How long have you been back." He said into my ear "A few days." "Are you feeling any better?" "Now that your here, I am." "Ok good." He laid his head on my shoulder. After my food was finished he moved. I ate and then we went back to the living room. "You mind if I clean up?" He said "Tae don't worry I'll do it." "No I wanna help." I got up and walked over to him. "I'll clean. You just keep me company." I didn't realize how dirty my place had gotten since I'd been sitting there. I heard the shower going and looked at Tae who was walking out of the he bathroom. He smirked and picked me up off my feet. "What are you doing tae?" "You need a shower." He set me in the bathroom. "Don't make me undress you." "Ok ok." He left and I hopped in the shower. After a few minutes I finished and went down to the kitchen. Tae had made hot cocoa. I was happy I skipped over to him and hugged him. "Thank you." "Your welcome. I don't like thinking your sad." "I'll be better eventually." "Do you want to talk about it?" "Another time." "Ok.....let's go." He said pulling me toward the front door. "What? Where are we going." "Just on a walk." I quickly slipped my shoes on and we headed out the door. He held my hand in his. We just walked around the road. After several minutes he stopped and turned me to face him. He had a smile on his face. "What?" He pulled out his phone and played a song. It was a slow song. He put it back on his pocket and then pulled me close to him. We started dancing in the street. Thank God it was late and no one was driving around. We just swayed back and forth and he'd randomly spin me. After the song was over. He looked me in the eyes. "(Y/n)" "Yes Taetae" I smiled "Can I kiss you?" "Yes you don't need to ask." With that he pressed his lips softly to mine. I would never admit that I had fallen for him hard at least not to him. I didn't want to destroy whatever this was. Although I could guess he likes me too but...he could just be doing this to keep my mind off of things. Which at this point I was ok with that.
I just love this picture of Tae he's just so freaking perfect! Enjoy! Let me know if you want to be added to my tag list. I love you!
Aawww! This boy is freaking adorable! I want one! lol V is my bias ruiner! ^^
Ah, my heart <3 I feel so sad but so happy at the same time!!!
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