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This was a tough one to make because there were so many great choices to chose from. I decided on my choices based on my personal favorite as well as ones not discussed as much. Let's get this going @devinrohers
#5 Non Non Biyori 1 & 2. There we so many choice for this spot, it was hard to decide. I chose this one since because it makes me laugh over such simple things! It keeps me entertained and laughing through out the entire series. If you haven't watch this I highly recommend you do so!!
#4 The Irregular at Magic Highschool! I chose this one because I really like how they merge magic and science into a perfect sequence! I thought everything in this anime played out great! Tatsuya is one bad man! He and his sister both! Season 2, where you at???
Coming in at #3 Overlord! This anime is such a bad ass show! I like the story of it and almost every battle is an epic sight to behole! The characters are played really well and are outstanding! I can't wait for a second season to come out as well!
#2 Hunter X Hunter! I don't think I need to explain why this one is up here! Everything about this show is amazing! From the characters back story, great fights, story line, and the characters themselves! The one and only thing I didn't like about this anime is that it stopped and has yet to continue.
#1 Log Horizon!!! This is my personal favorite anime of all time! I think this is the best in-game genre anime out there! I loved how the story went, every battle had me on the edge of my seat, I just lived everything about this anime. If you have not watched this, them idk what you're doing with your life, WATCH THIS ANIME!!! You will NOT regret it!
Honorable Mentions: Dragon Ball series Code Geass A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun No Game No Life One Piece Fairy Tail Trigun Tokyo Ghoul Kekkai Sensen Kill la Kill Guren Lagan Noragami The Seven Deadly Sins Sword Art Online .Hack// series Fate/Zero Darker than Black Charlotte Angel Beats Death Note Freezing Black Bullet Black God Assasination Classroom Akame ga Kill I could go on forever but I'll just stop it at this. Thanks for reading my card, and if you haven't made one yet go and do so! Comments are always welcome!
I love log horizon to it is amazing i cw to see season 2
The second season was great to! I just hope they make a 3rd one and soon!