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He left the room where V and Kookie were now sound asleep. The other two had fallen asleep as they were watching a movie. In the hall he saw her door cracked a little, he decided to check up on her before he left. She wasn’t in her room when he opened the door the rest of the way. He went into the bathroom area but she wasn’t there either. A small panic set in and he did his best to quietly hurry down stairs searching the house for her. It was when he passed the back door that he noticed her on the back porch. Opening the door he stepped out into the cold night.
“You’ll catch a cold if you stay out here this late.”
“Everyone is going to think I’m being robbed if you keep running around my house flipping the lights on and off like that.”
“You knew I was looking for you but you just stayed out here anyway?”
“I knew you would find me eventually. I wanted to get some air, the cold helps me clear my mind.”
“Well the cold will also help you get sick lets go back inside.”
“I’m not ready to yet. I still have some things on my mind.” Boy was she stubborn, might as well help keep her warm. Yoongi put his arms around her waist huggin her from behind hoping that his warmth would help keep her from getting sick.
“At least let me help you stay warm.” She just relaxed back into him closing her eyes. He loved how easy it was to be around her. It was easy with Kookie too but that’s because they had been friends for a few years. As much as he tried to understand Kookie and give him the attention he wanted Yoongi just couldn’t keep his mind off Nabi. Even if he tied to be with Kookie it wouldn’t be fair to him. It would be less painful to just not even try to go down that path.
“I love you.” He didn’t know why he said it but it was so easy to say to her.
“What?’ Clearly she wasn’t expecting that from him.
“I said I love you. I’ve given Kookie a chance.” He turned her in his arms. “Now could you give me a chance?”
“Kookie will be so heart broken if we start dating.”
“It will be better than me pretending to be with him when you’re the only thing on my mind.”
“That would hurt him way less. Yes.”
“Yes I will give you a chance at being my boyfriend. It’s crazy. Three years ago I never would have imagined having even a semi normal life again and now here I am with a job, lots of friends who care about me, and now a boyfriend.”
“Do you still love Zico? I mean you were both together for a long time. He even thinks you’re still together.”
“Would I tell you yes if I still loved him. I love you and that’s all you should think about.”