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We've all played the screenshot game but I'd thought I'd tweak it a lil make it different
Below are various gif from some of our fave dramas..
Here are the rules:
Think of your Bias any group will do, hell multiple bias are ok too.. or you could just think of your UB..
Next screenshot from the gif below, whichever drama you get that's the type of relationship you have with your bias..
Pretty easy right??
Don't forget to comment your results below.. if you don't know the drama/plot just let me know and i'll help you out
tagging a few people that wouldn't mind doing this
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What drama is the one that Mingo of Shinee was in?
to the beautiful you @MsLoyalHeart
Oh thank you @amoon13eg
I got the lover. What is that one about?
That a whole lot of different stories but this one is about two guys that room together and develop feelings @jupiterchan