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This one is shorter than many of the others but I didn't want to drag out the intense scene. Also listen to Run on repeat while reading.
Stopping in front of the doorway he almost regreted his decission to come home. He could already hear the yelling coming from inside. Slowly he stepped back, maybe if he left now he wouldn’t have to think about how many more times they would fight again tonight. He could just go spend the night with Kookie again and forget he even had family. His mind wouldn’t let him run away again though, how could he keep running away and letting her take all the pain. He knew she didn’t mind if he was spared from the harshness of their father but Tae couldn’t take it anymore. This would be the last time his father would get away with yelling at her. Flipping his hood up he opened the door to the appartment where they stayed. He heard it before he saw her fall to the ground. His father had hit her again, how many times had he done it since Tae was gone. His mind became blank as he went into auto pilot, his anger taking over. Grabbing an empty bottle he did the first thing that came to his mind. The bottle broke over his father’s head only making the man angrier. His father lunged at him and Tae did what he could to defend himself. It slid so easily into the flesh, warm thick liquid spilling over his hand. Despite the wound his father hit him making him see red. Over and over he felt it break the skin, red spraying over his face and chest. He didn’t stop till the body in front of him was a still lump on the floor. It was only when his father stopped moving that he came to his senses. The broken bottle fell from his hand as he backed up panik setting in. There was blood all over his hands and on his clothes. He could hear his sister in the doorway to the other room crying and screaming. Not knowing what else to do he quickly left the appartment backpack still on. Everything was a blurr through the tears as he ran as far as he could, he ran untill the city fell away and all that was left were the trees. Once he made it to the clearing he realized where he was. It was were they had all went camping not to long ago. He reached into his pocket dailing the first number he could think of. “Hyung………. I need to see you….” He didn’t have time to explain before his phone went dead. He knew he should have charged it durring class. Finding a water bottle in his bag he tried his best to wash off as much of the blood as he could, red still stained his hands and clothes. Adrenalin finaly wearing off, V felt himself getting tired. He found a rock in the warm sun and decided to rest against it for a while.