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Listen to I Need U on repeat while you read this. Its what was on repeat for this writing.
Nabi looked out the window of the truck as they were traveling back from the coast. Jin had asked her to go with him to get fresh seafood so that they could make a feast for everyone since the first signs of spring were showing. It was still very cold so they were going to make a seafood hot pot that would warm them right up. Looking back she checked on the coolers that were strapped down making sure no critters were clever enough to open them up.
“Are they trying to escape back there?” Jin laughed at her.
“You never know, if the octopus gets warm enough it will try to get out and run away.” She made a face at him and hit his arm gently so she wouldn’t mess with his driving.
“Ow what was that for? I was laughing cause it’s cute that you think that it would even be possible for that to happen.”
“You always make fun of how I think.” Pouting she sat back in her seat crossing her arms.
“Hey now don’t be acting like that. I’m messing with you. The others will hurt me if we get back and you’re all pouty.”
“You’ll deserve it for making fun of me.” She couldn’t help but smile at him.
“So what have you been so quiet about this whole ride?”
“What but I’m talking to you know.”
“You’ve been quiet and looking off like you have something on your mind what is it?”
“Well I was going to wait and tell everyone tonight but I guess I can tell you first. Yoongi and I have decided to start dating. He’s going to tell Kookie tonight while we are cooking dinner and then we will tell everyone at dinner.”
“Really?! That’s great! I’m sure Kookie will be a little upset but he knew how Yoongi felt about you. I told him to try not to get his hopes up to much. It is his first crush afterall.”
“I just hope Yoongi isn’t to harsh about it. He can be a little insensative when he doesn’t know how to say things.”
“I’m sure it will be fine. Yoongi understands how Kookie feels about him. He wouldn’t want you to be cold and mean if you were the one rejecting him. Try not to worry to much.” Just then Jin’s phone started ringing the single letter V showing up on the screen.
“Oh I’ll answer it for you.” She hit the answer button holding it up to her ear.
‘Hyung……… I need to see you…’ Was all she heard before the line went dead.
“What was it?”
“I don’t know all he said was he needed to see you. He sounded scared.” She was looking at him as he glanced at her. Everything felt like it was slow motion the instant she saw his eyes get widder. Her body jerked sideways as the ear scraping sound of crushing metal filled her ears. The last thing she remembered hearing was Jin screaming her name, a warmth covering her whole body, and then darkness.
Ahh, well either way, I'm still scarred from cars scenes in kdramas, even if it wasn't their fault or even if nothing was going to happen I still get all cringy xD
Omg whyy!!!!!! why did you do this to me....I'm broken I'm waiting for more....
Wha, wha, what? No! What?
*starts belting I Need U* Why you gotta make me cry! lol X) Please update as soon as you can.
aww don't do that I was getting into it. woke up to a happy suprise thanks for the update
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