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Woohoo it's happening!! Yeah DC is coming conquering Marvel. After BvS and Suicide Squad here it is the most well-known woman superhero in the universe. Gal Gadot will be perfect for Diana I think. What do you think? Could DC beat Marvel with this? Say yes to the amazonian.
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she's no linda carter but I think she'll do a good job bringing the character to life
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@buddyesd trufax. She clearly has a lot of respect for the character and those that came before her so I'm excited to see how she does
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@shannonl5 me toó, I'm looking forward to some DC action now
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I honestly think she need to be more buff...WW wasn't a small girl she had beef and it showed, my thoughts anyway.
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@JamieHarvey yeah it feels like they edited it down. In real life Gal Gadot is ripped. (She's ex military)
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