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Suicide Squad Newest Trailer
This is the newest trailer of one of DC's and WB's most anticipated movie this year. The casts are promising. And it looks awesome. So prepare for the villains becoming heroes this year. What a year!!! After deadpool, now the squads. What do you think about the trailer?
All I can say is that I'm sad we have to wait for it to come out because I want to see it now XD
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@shannonl5 yeah for sure. can't wait
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@Syihabahmed the actress they got for Harley is incredible
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@shannonl5 Margot Robbie is awesome. He made a good performance in Focus and The Wolf of The Wallstreet. What about Joker?
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@Syihabahmed I'm probably going to have to see the movie since it's a. such a hard role to play now and b. I'm not sure yet whether he's going to be Jason Todd
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