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Hello mis amigos, I was just randomly watching some music videos and I began thinking. I would love to see some collaborations in the future.

What are some collaborations you would like to see?

I would love to see something from Taemin and Jimin. That would be a hot dance video. OMG I'M MELTING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!
Jay Park and Namjoon Jay Park and Chris Brown Namjoon and Chris Brown That would be FIRE!
CL and Nicki M Ah this would be a boss B squad on deck!
Ji-Yong and J-Hope This would be so different and cool.
Jungkook and Youngbae This would be awesome! They both have nice voices.
Suga and TOP This definitely would be a shut it down unit!
Vernon and Namjoon This would be a perfect match in my eyes. Who would be great to sing the chorus? Jin? V? idk!
OMG YES. But why not put them all together? It would be the ultimate collaboration with all of our favorite idols. It would be very hard to set up and plan, though. But think about it. It would be epic. 😃
agreed! @torchix
JHope with anyone honestly. He has so much potential I need him to SHINE
Let V sing the chorus 🙌
omg that nicki x cl & vernon x rap monster are life.
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