This awesome game was made by @KwonOfAKind so go check it out!!~~
Thought it would be fun to check out my future in YG since my ultimate dream is to be a YG artist or background dancer. So lets see what will happen in 2018 XD
Hehe sorry for my random group chat appearance PSY? ehhhh I guess that's accurate but I thought he would be my party partner! *starts dancing daddy*
I strangely can see that. Like I would be cool with all of epik high because we just that swegg
yassss that is bae !
Can it be a hot couple dance? like he is my bias from ikon and he be getting it like :
Boi! yass
Song collab with B.I and taehyun ? its either gonna be a hella lit song or a really sad feels song . I would love it either way ✌
Photoshoot with my bias again? Maybe because people started shipping us after the dance performance
see my happy dance?
its like in destined to be with ikon Yass bobby would help me with Junhoe . ( I am done with myself) My squad is so accurate though like Mino and Soohyun is bae so we are just best friends from the gate.
I know y'all done with me but I had to Anyways what's your future in YG?