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It may be over 20 years since 'Clueless' first hit theaters, but the cult classic has remained exactly that. Whether you're a Baldwin, a Betty, a slacker, or just something in between, chances are you've seen the movie - or at least know all the best quotes. ("As if!")
This week, 'Clueless' proved itself to be a gift that keeps on giving. W Magazine called upon big-name actors Seth Rogen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, and Bradley Cooper to pay homage to film by auditioning for the role of sassy teen lead, Cher Horowitz.
All of the actors read from one of Cher's most well-known scenes, when she has to debate the pro stance on immigration of Haitian refugees. The speech, which draws parallels between the crisis and Cher's own personal crisis regarding dinner RSVPs gone wrong, is hilariously delivered by each actor.
In a mere minute-long video, we see the actors offer a range of Chers. Jake Gyllenhaal's is toned down yet still very valley. Seth Rogen's is passionate, angry, and involved. Bradley Cooper's is motivated yet reluctant. And Paul Dano's? Well, I'm pretty sure you can always rely on him to give you a good 'broody'.

But who do you think did best? Watch the video above, and let me know who you'd cast as Cher.

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@danidee Yes, I've been working on my new line of SPEC OPS cat toys and getting on that Fancy Feast commercial. That white cat is fragmented bitch, mew.
I've done stage performances, but I'm eager to do some voice over work and work my way up, mew. @shannonl5
*Read the script. @shannonl5 Yes, mew. I'm slowly getting back into it.
It's always awkward the moment you the script. I've done that during auditions, mew.
@shannonl5 I love it too. Especially what Jake says in the beginning lol.
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