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[PHILIPPINES/TAGALOG DUBBED] This is how it started. I first saw Yoo Chun. Then leads to my adoration to #JYJ and eventually ends with my addiction. (But I try to be balance. lol) How did you guys come to know and love them? Kindly share your stories. :)
my trail was I miss you but didnt finish it. Then Rooftop prince (very good) then Sungkungkwan scandal (just as good).
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Thanks for sharing. :) Missing You (I Miss You) really made Yoo Chun THE Actor. At first I was reluctant to watch it because of what seems to me a tragic story, but I decided to watch it to see how good his acting was. And I was really impress. :)
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Yes,Park Yoo Chun is really good actor and singer,Park Min Young too really good actress specially in City Hunter my favorite with Lee Min Ho.
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I agree, Annevine.
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