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Alright. So after hearing about this anime for years I finally watched it. Now this anime wasn't a complete mystery to me so I knew a lot about it before I even watched it
I knew this green eyed fuckboy was indeed a boy. And some other stuff But to be honest...
It wasn't as horrible as everyone made it out to be. Haha like I expected a lot worst! I've seen crazier. Trust me. This was nothing. Though I'll admit was a little bit... surprised.
So I watched all three episodes of Boku No Pico. And I have an actual opinion about it that isn't just "Oh mer gawd so bad and horrible disgusting kiddie porn! hahah donut watch! ewwww" It seemed like behind the porn.. there was supposed to be an actual story??? I did some research... and well I found out some interesting things.
This guy right here is actually 15 years old. Holy shit right?
The other little boy in the black dress is 12 or 13 I forgot and Coco, the long haired one, is 18. Damn.
If Coco was an actual girl holy fuck I'd have the hugest crush. So cute (Wasn't he like an alien or something? Fairy?)
Next pictures are funny pictures I found online
The Internet is funny
Boku no Pico de gallo XD
Lmao any SNK fans?
End of presentation. Comments very much welcomed.
just a tip: never be fooled and always be ready
yea it's honestly not the worst ever.... Imo school days is worse only because it seems like it's good and then we'll... no just no
I loved the boku no pico de gallo, I find myself identified lol.. I usually like more action comedy anime so for me the weirdest was prison school! omg
don't watch an anime named boku. don't do it. yoooooooooooooooo
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