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though i fear he may return as a 100 year old monster.. but atleast he will.. i so want to see more of him!
Lol Jin Hyun return lol I thought he died in ep 2or 3 and now we r in ep12 time travels fast lol
i have exams so i've stalled it on ep 2.. haven't even seen the seung gi part.. so i'm pretty much in angst!
Seo Hwa died when she want to kill KW.You the saw the scar on his left face.Just like a suicide revenge,she don't have confident to raise her own child,that's why she left a letter wrote that she want her baby to live a normal life.What will happen to the next episode we don't know,we have a lot of different vision on it....hahaha.. 1 or 2 days more to wait..more excited...
i didn't get as to what happened to Seo hwa? why did she throw kang chii away?? what i think is that Jin Hyuk and Kang Chii will fight bcoz jin hyuk might become that 100 year old demon on being betrayed by his love.... and in between the fight the monk will tell him that kang chi is his son!! hehehe.. how's my version?
Me too,I hated Seo Hwa .I guess he'll return ,I thought he didn't die completely.I think Kang Chi can make his father return,that's my thought.Excited to watch this coming Monday.
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