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Sky-Watchers to See a Lovely Treat

I hate waking up earlier than I have to.

Don't we all? But would you wake before dawn's early light for a chance to see five of our planetary neighbors sitting upon the horizon? Yeah, me too!
Well, then, there's really good news for us all! Starting this morning, January 20, 2016, and lasting for a month, you'll be able to see five planets arcing in a diagonal line across the sky, from left to right: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. The best way to find them will be to go outside about an hour before sunrise and search first for Venus. (You can find Venus by looking for the brightest spot in the sky, other than the moon, of course!) You will need a clear morning for the best results! Don't feel bad if you aren't willing to brave the cold over the next month! There will be a short encore from August 13 to August 19. Everyone, everywhere, will be able to see the planets, but they'll be especially bright in the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere should also be able to see them, but they will have a much clearer view of the planets when they show up again in August. Still need more help figuring it all out? Check out EarthSky for more information and diagrams.

What about it, Newsies? Will you be braving the cold to gaze upon this planetary spectacle?

I probably will this weekend...
i'm gonna have to wake up early tomorrow to see this then
@nicolejb you're welcome! Yes, it's actually applicable for everyone, everywhere, but especially in the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere should also be able to see them, but they will have a much clearer view of the planets when they show up in August. Thanks for asking! I'll add that into the article. :D
AHHH SO AWESOME! thanks for this. Is it for all areas across the US?
Woah that is awesome!!!!!
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Market Analysis and Insights: Asia-Pacific Seaweed Extracts Biostimulant Market Seaweed extracts biostimulant market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the market is growing with the CAGR of 12.3% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027 and expected to reach USD 371.32 million by 2027 from USD 148.00 million in 2019. Rising population in Asia-Pacific region is increasing the need of food production per acre. Regular product launches in seaweed extracts biostimulant have enabled providers to increase product range with different applications. New developments have also increased functionality and ease of use of the products. This factor will in turn increase the customer base for the companies. 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See how an Italian missionary-turned-Chinese court painter.
Artist to Know: Giuseppe Castiglione An Italian teacher turned-Chinese court painter, Giuseppe Castiglione went through more than 50 years working with three distinct heads in the Chinese royal residence. Seven of Castiglione's canvases are coming to sell. Offered by Los Angeles-based sales management firm Pauling's, these compositions present an extraordinary chance to investigate the craftsman's work. Get familiar with Castiglione's life and heritage before the occasion, get updates and know the latest upcoming similar auctions at the auction calendar of auction daily. Brought into the world in 1688, Castiglione entered the Jesuit strict request at 19 years old. Taking note of his imaginative capacity, the request sent him to the Chinese majestic court in Beijing a couple of years after the fact. He before long expected the name Láng Shíning (郎世寧, Peace of the World) and started to deliver artworks for Emperor Kangxi. Giuseppe Castiglione Lang Shining, his quality in the court was a significant improvement for both diverse workmanship and strict resistance. As indicated by the Executive Intelligence Review, "Castiglione trusted in joining together and changing both Chinese and European societies through a quest for magnificence and greatness on the whole spaces of science, expressions of the human experience, and designing." Castiglione finished a more prominent number of artistic creations for Kangxi's child, Emperor Yongzheng. He made numerous investigations of scenes, creatures, and blossoms during this period, which are his most punctual enduring works. Today, the South China Morning Post gauges that somewhere in the range of 100 and 200 bits of craftsmanship from Castiglione remain. A considerable lot of these are housed in Beijing exhibition halls and private assortments. Nonetheless, it was during the rule of Emperor Qianlong that Castiglione finished most of his work. He made various representations of the ruler, sovereign, and different consorts. Until now, a portrayal of Qianlong's supported Consort Chunhui holds the most noteworthy closeout record for a Chinese royal fitting picture. It was sold in a 2015 Sotheby's deal for HKD 137.4 million (USD 17.7 million). Truly, Castiglione's compositions have aroused bidders' curiosity when coming to sell. Large numbers of his works of art stay in the ownership of Chinese and Taiwanese historical centers because of his imaginative importance. One can see such works of great artists in the auction previews of auction daily. Paragon International president Lu Qiulian noticed that Chinese gatherers are particularly intrigued by his work. The Hong Kong sales management firm expected a pony painting by Castiglione to bring HKD 100 million (USD 12.9 million) in 2016. Notwithstanding, it isn't openly known whether this gauge was reached. "The painter is exceptionally popular for being the principal European court painter for the ruler," Lu kept, "spearheading a style mixing Chinese and Western feel and procedures." Late years have shown expanded interest in the predetermined number of Castiglione works. A piece named Hundred Horses was sold at Sotheby's for USD 100,000 of every 2016 and another turn outsold for HKD 1 million soon thereafter. The forthcoming Pauling's deal incorporates gauges for Castiglione's compositions going from USD 1,200 to $12,200. Castiglione is especially appreciated for his association with Eastern and Western procedures. Adjusting viewpoint, chiaroscuro (light and shadow), and authenticity to Chinese tastes, a significant number of Castiglione's pieces offer a window into the creative inclinations of the heads. Qianlong respected the painter's style and utilized Castiglione's association with the Jesuit request to advance resistance and harmony inside his realm. Media Source: Auctiondaily
Importance of Pharmacovigilance
Pharmacovigilance is a wide term to portray drug security. It portrays the assortment, security, appraisal, assumption, and checking of the vindictive impacts of drugs and medications. It is an association driven and cognizant locale inside the prescription business. It is the success assessment of cutting edge prescriptions surveyed under accommodating or persistent states of clinical use in goliath associations. Pharmacovigilance expects to perceive dull security issues as ahead of schedule as could be viewed as ordinary. It likewise plans to perceive an expansion in the rehash of these insightful impacts, surveying perils, keeping patients away from being affected ridiculously. Pharmacovigilance has developed essentially as of late, and its significance genuinely and on a very basic level in the clinical thought industry has been seen. To upset or chop down steady dangers, Pharmacovigilance is principal. The high certainty of the opposing impacts of the drugs has expanded both mortality and grimness in emergency offices and neighborhood. These ADRs are known as one of the immense clarifications behind death any place on the world. To improve the medication and make it less hazardous to the client, Pharmacovigilance acknowledges a basic part. Clinical Research Course. The information and impression of the medication experts towards the flourishing profile of the remedies acknowledge a chief part in the patient's thriving. These experts should be a ton of aware of the opposing impacts of the medication and the rehash of event. They are moreover obligated for revealing new or dull outcomes of the medication. Clinical thought experts should correspondingly be a great deal of careful that no solution is absolutely alright for use. They should rehearse with a specific extent of shortcoming. Pharmacovigilance gives the proof that will move the overall people to treat their ailments. It besides gives confirmation about medication related issues like treatment frustration, drug interests, wrong use, and so on, making it clearly as far as possible inside a medicine affiliation. Making, creator, and supporter any medication/cure, the social event affiliation should hold fast to requesting rules and rules. These standards and rules commonly spin around the security of the client. It on the other hand rotates around the advantages acquired by an enduring customer. Here's the clarification Pharmacovigilance is so fundamental to a drug affiliation: 1. Consumer success and unsurprising alert: Pharmacovigilance guarantees the security of the patient and their generally flourishing all through the general improvement cycle, even after the medication is rapidly accessible looking out. Pharmacovigilance empowers the medications to be innovatively checked for new results and results or for any new information to be aggregated and offered a clarification to the particular experts dependably. Maybe than most divisions of a medicine affiliation, the pharmacovigilance area just spins around the security of the patient. 2. Power and authority: The senior individual from the medication thriving bundle has the circumstance to propose the fruition of the progress of a specific medication. This thought shuts the improvement illustration of the medication. These senior managers additionally can do precisely the opposite. They can prescribe the concerned specialists to take that specific cure off the market as well. This can be a delayed consequence of inestimable results or an enormous heap of missing data about the remedy. It can in like way be an immediate consequence of another piece of data that can incite this choice. 3. Moving forward: The remedy flourishing profile stays with the drug moving. This recommends that it will deal with a cross-supportive explanation. This division of the affiliation holds the greater part of the power and can without an entirely momentous stretch lead to new approaching systems comparatively as medication probabilities. Pharmacovigilance keeps up different kinds of general thriving projects that give solid data to the productive evaluation of the equilibrium of dangers and advantages. It enables the got, sensible, and more4 powerful utilization of different drugs. It further adds to the evaluation of advantages, capacity, hurt, results, and so on, as well. Pharmacovigilance pushes direction and clinical arranging by giving pharmacovigilance training, pharmacovigilance courses, clinical research training, clinical research courses, etc. Pharmacovigilance has been made cautious and made by the World Health Organization (WHO) with the essential suspicion for reacting to the surprising necessities to the subtleties of the flourishing profile of medications. With the current making headway and quick improvement of remedies, Pharmacovigilance has a lot of significance and need. What is the unavoidable fate of Pharmacovigilance? The predetermination of Pharmacovigilance considering its making significance in the space of fixing. With the improvement of Pharmacovigilance considering the creating generally speaking individuals, expansion in the measure of ADRs, and rising advancing sicknesses, the importance of Pharmacovigilance is at the pinnacle. Imaginative advances acknowledge an essential part later on for drug success. Cloud-based blueprints, mechanized robots, man-made reasoning, and so on, are being brought into the universe of medications. The raised headway makes Pharmacovigilance Training even more amazing in the vibe of precision and the flourishing profile. The blend of patient-conveyed datasets held by clinical thought trained professionals and the most recent AI models offer drug affiliations the opportunity to make new experiences at a speed and scale that to this point has not been conceivable. These experiences relax up not exclusively to the adequacy of the medication yet despite the individual satisfaction markers that can refresh the solution.
How to Get Rid of Man-Boobs
Gynecomastia is a condition of overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men that can occur at any age. Also known as 'man boobs', this condition can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity, obesity or the use of certain drugs. Gynecomastia can cause emotional discomfort and affect your self-confidence. Some men may even avoid certain physical activities and intimacy simply to hide their condition. Many people misunderstand the condition of gynecomastia with fat. Breast enlargement in men happens due to inactivity, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. You may lose fat by exercising and following a proper diet but the gynecomastia will remain unchanged. If you are one of the 20% men who are suffering from gynecomastia, make these lifestyle changes before undergoing surgery. * Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. * Limit the amount of sugar in your diet. * Reduce alcohol consumption. * Commit to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, at least three times a week. * Start resistance training with weights, bands or exercise balls. Things you should look for before your surgery No man wants to hear that he needs surgery on his chest. But if you do undergo gynecomastia surgery, rest assured that the scars are typically very well hidden. But it is important that you choose the right surgeon. * The doctor should be a certified surgeon. * He/ She should be well experienced in treating gynecomastia. * Your cosmetic surgeon should understand the underlying causes of your gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Mumbai. There are excellent plastic surgeons in Mumbai, however the cost of your surgery would depend upon the type of treatment required. It could range about anywhere between Rs 55000 to Rs 110000. You can achieve the best results only when you follow the guidelines given by an experienced surgeon than rather opting for cheaper solutions. Risks involved in gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery is a 45-minute surgery that has no serious risks. The scar of the surgery is well hidden and you won't even feel like you have undergone surgery. However, there are a few minor risks involved in this surgery. What are the risks of gynecomastia surgery? The decision to have plastic surgery is extremely personal, and you will have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if the risks and potential complications of gynecomastia surgery are acceptable. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks and potential complications. Gynecomastia surgery risks include: * Anesthesia risks * Bleeding (hematoma) * Blood clots * Breast asymmetry * Breast contour and shape irregularities * Changes in nipple or breast sensation may be temporary or permanent * Damage to deeper structures – such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and lungs – can occur and may be temporary or permanent * Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications * Fatty tissue found in the breast might die (fat necrosis) * Fluid accumulation (seroma) * Infection * Persistent pain * Poor wound healing Things you should take care of after the surgery. * Rest for at least a day or two after the surgery. * Hydrate with a lot of fluids after the surgery. * Sleep at a 45-degree angle to avoid pain. * Follow the prescribed medication to avoid any infections. Conclusion Generally, this surgery is very harmless and easy to recover from. Do your homework before consulting a doctor. Doctors and experts will help you throughout the surgery and recovery phase. They will assist you in case of any complications. Post-surgery do's are very easy to follow and if followed correctly you'll be totally normal within a week.
Things To Know Before You Plan a Facelift
The gold-standard solution to wrinkly face or saggy facial skin is a surgical facelift. Facelift surgery or rhytidectomy is performed by the best cosmetic surgeons and is basically a kind of plastic surgery. The process of facelifting is done by stretching your skin and reshaping the tissues underneath to get rid of unwanted facial wrinkles and folds. A plastic surgeon performs rhytidectomy by stretching the skin around the perimeter. Then, the tissue underneath is surgically reshaped to create a smooth surface. This makes your face younger and smoother in appearance. Facelift Procedure People between the ages of 40 and 60 get facelift surgery, due to wrinkles or sagging face. This cosmetic surgery will make you look younger and may boost your self- esteem. As usual, a detailed discussion with your cosmetic surgeon is the first step for every surgery. Your plastic surgeon will guide you whether a Facelift is the best way to decrease wrinkles on your face. Searching for Plastic Surgeon Always check for a board-certified and best plastic surgeon in your area to get better results. A certified and experienced surgeon will perform the facelift plastic surgery without any complications. The cost of a facelift also depends on the choice of surgeon and hospital. Medical Checks Medical history: The surgeon will check for any surgeries or any medical conditions done in past or any complications due to past surgeries. They will ask questions like smoking history or alcohol use. Always, carry your past medical records, so that your cosmetic surgeon can understand your health condition. Physical test: There will be a physical examination to understand the structure and build of your face. On basis of this, the surgeon will calculate the best way to approach your facelift surgery. Your surgeon will also take photos from various angles to understand your bone structure, fat distribution, skin quality and the shape of your face. Medication check: A review of your current medicines will be done. Convey all the medicines you take including prescribed meds, over-the-counter medicine, herbal medications, vitamins, and other dietary supplements. Types of Facelift surgeries Different types of facelift procedures can be considered, depending on the requirement of the patient. A facelift is basically pulling or lifting the skin, readjusting the tissues, and stitching back the incision by removing the excess skin. There are 3 types of methods used by the best plastic surgeons. Common facelift incision starts at your temples in the hairline, continues down and around the front of your ears, and ends behind your ears in your lower scalp. An incision might be made under your chin to improve the appearance of your neck. A limited incision is a shorter incision that begins in your hairline just above your ear, wraps around the front of your ear, but does not extend all the way into the lower scalp. Neck lift incision starts in front of your earlobe and continues around your ear into your lower scalp. A small incision also is made under your chin. Facelift Cost (rhytidectomy price) Facelift surgery can be priced between Rs 50000 to Rs 150000 excluding hospital charges. The cost of facelift surgery can be different depending on the location and surgeon’s expertise on the surgery. Prioritize your surgeons experience and results over the cost of surgery, because getting the best result is more important. Recover Process at Home Your facial plastic surgeon will suggest taking rest for a few days before resuming daily activities. You may have some numbness, swelling, bruising and slight pain for the initial few days. However, if you are feeling a sharp pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, or non-uniform heartbeats then immediately contact your treating doctor. What to do after Facelift Take care of your face following the instructions by the surgeon. Avoid makeup, pressure/motion around incisions and strenuous physical activities. Visit your cosmetic surgeon for follow-up exams as planned. Avoid harsh sun exposure for a few weeks. Refrain from salon hair treatments for 2 weeks. Conclusion Take care of yourself, take advice from experts and doctors. Find the best surgeon in your location. Tell your surgeon about your past medical history so that they can plan your surgery accordingly. Take rest for a week or two after your facelift surgery and follow your surgeon's instructions to heal well and quickly.
What You Need to Know Before Having Eyelid Surgery
Blepharoplasty is the surgery to remove fat or wrinkles on your eyelids, which is often called eyelid surgery. An eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons to remove droopy eyes and make them better. Before making decisions, you should consider some things before and after Blepharoplasty. Things to Consider Before and After blepharoplasty From searching for the best plastic surgeon, to taking care of your eyes after the surgery, some of the things one should know before going forward. The surgeon will provide all the details of course, like the recovery process and medication drugs. Check which Procedure is Right Everyone is different so I would highly recommend you to talk with the experts to make sure you are good to do the surgery. Talk with the best plastic surgeon for blepharoplasty in Mumbai, to get the best results possible. They can answer all the questions or problems regarding baggy eyelids or eyelid surgery. How much does Blepharoplasty cost? The cost of blepharoplasty may change depending on the skills of the surgeon and the equipment. It also depends on the position of the eyelid, if more work needs to be done then the cost will be high. Mumbai has some of the best plastics surgeons in India, one can only get better results when they consider, the choice of surgeon and type of procedure more, than the cost of surgery. Going for the most affordable procedure may or may not give better results, because everybody is different. Best Plastic Surgeons for Blepharoplasty This can be tough, as there are multiple plastic surgeons out there. A doctor who is board certified in plastic surgery would be the best. Also look for the most experienced doctor, as he or she will be able to minimize any problems and give you better results. Check for the reviews you can find them on the internet easily from their previous patients. Is Eyelid Lift Risky? Blepharoplasty surgery is considered to be safe by experts as there are no post-surgery scars. As the surgery is done through the inside of the eye. Some small risks are included like double vision, unable to close lids after surgery for some amount of time, infections, and bleeding or dry Eyes. But the chances of getting these will be reduced, by an experienced surgeon. Recovery Time after Eyelid Surgery The surgery may cause bruises and swelling but that’s no cause for concern. The bruises and swelling will vanish in one week max. Although you will need to keep the bandage intact. No scars will be left behind. Your eyes will look better and go to their natural state in 4 weeks. Till then you need to take care and follow the restrictions told by your plastic surgeon. Bruising can be controlled by the following methods ● Use ice packs to help with the swelling. ● Use all prescribed medication and ointments to promote healing. ● Avoid heavy lifting and swimming for at least one week. ● Avoid smoking. ● Do not rub your eyes (or around them). ● Do not use contact lenses for at least two weeks. ● Stay out of the sun and use SPF if you have to go out. ● Keep your head elevated at all times, even when sleeping. ● Avoid strenuous activities or exercise. ● Follow the surgeon’s recommendations for recovery. What to wear after Surgery? Going outside should not be healthy as the sun rays may affect your skin as it will be recovering from surgery. But after the bandage is removed you can wear sunglasses with SPF protection that covers the eye from the sun. Always check with your surgeon before doing anything like wearing makeup, or using sunscreen with SPF protection. As recovery may be different for everyone depending on how surgery went. Summary Check with doctors and experts about the procedure need to carry out for blepharoplasty. Don’t consider the cost or price of eyelid surgery, Choice of the surgeon and best procedure is a priority. Follow all the steps provided by your surgeon. Take good care of your eyes and yourself after surgery. Check with your surgeon immediately, if you feel anything is wrong with your eyes. Wear sunglasses to protect from UV Rays. Eyes will get better in 3 to 4 weeks maximum.
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영화인들의 추천을 받은 후, 시청자 투표와 자문단의 추천으로 TOP 100을 최종 선정 TOP 81위 - 100위 81위 -시간의 여울 /이우환 (김영탁 감독) 82위 -숏컷 /레이몬드 카버 (김용화 감독) 83위 -적절한 균형 /로힌턴 미스트리 (차승재 제작자) 84위 - 데이빗 린치의 빨간방/데이빗 린치 (정재은 감독) 85위 - 가재미 /문태준 (김영탁 감독) 86위 -고리키 단편집 /막심 고리키 (신정원) 87위 - 그로테스크 /기리노 나쓰오 (임필성 감독) 88위 -명배우의 연기수업 /마이클 케인 (이명세 감독) 89위 -보이지 않는 영화 /허문영 (백은하 평론가) 90위 -거장의 노트를 훔치다 /로랑 티라르 (양익준 감독) 91위 - 우주피스 공화국 /하일지 (김윤석) 92위 -헐리웃 문화혁명 /피터 바스킨드 (윤종빈 감독) 93위 -전체주의가 어쨌다구 /슬라보예 지젝 (유아인) 94위 -아라리 난장 /김주영 (김윤석) 95위 - The Stanley KubrickArchives /Kubrick, Stanley,Castle, Alison (EDT) (봉준호 감독) 96위 -유다의 별 /도진기 (공유) 97위 -감독의 길 /구로사와 아키라 (추창민 감독) 98위 -감독 오즈 야스지로 /하스미 시게히코 (정성일 평론가) 99위 -간판스타 /이희재 (연상호 감독) 100위 -베트남에서 레이건까지 /로빈우드 (오승욱 감독) 영화배우 김윤석 추천 책 BEST 91위 <우주피스 공화국> - 하일지 - TOP 61위 - 80위 61위 - 다크 플레이스 / 길리언 플린 62위 - 시간의 목소리 / 에두아르도 갈레아노 63위 - 공자: 인간과 신화 / H.G.크릴 64위 - 워터 멜론 슈가에서 / 리처드 브라우티건 65위 - 청혼 / 오영욱 66위 -배우수업 / 콘스탄틴 스타니스랍스키 67위 - 사진에 관하여 / 수전 손택 68위 - 이탈리아 구두 / 헤닝 만켈 69위 -최인호의 인연 / 최인호 70위 -존재하지 않는 기사 / 이탈로 칼비노 71위 - 열정 / 산도르 마라이 72위 - 다른 길 / 박노해 73위 - 소설가의 각오 / 마루야마 겐지 74위 - 새벽의 약속 / 로맹 가리 75위 - 한밤의 아이들 / 살만 루슈디 76위 - 꽃도 십자가도 없는 무덤 / 클로드 모르강 77위 -우리집 / 사이바라 리에코 78위 - 영화 연출론 / 스티븐 디 캐츠 79위 - 루머 / 캐스 선스타인 80위 - 위험한 관계 / 피에르 쇼데를로 드 라클로 영화배우 유아인 추천 책 BEST 64 <워터 멜론 슈가에서> - 리처드 브라우티건 - TOP 41위 - 60위 41위 - 밤의 피크닉/ 온다 리쿠 42위 - 희랍인 조르바 / 니코스 카잔차키스 43위 - 유토피아 / 토머스 모어 44위 - 우아한 거짓말 / 김려령 45위 - 김수영 전집 / 김수영 46위 - 롤리타 / 블라디미르 나보코프 47위 - 모순 / 양귀자 48위 - 어디선가 나를 찾는 전화벨이 울리고 / 신경숙 49위 - 반 고흐 / 바바라 스톡 50위 - 지금 이 순간을 살아라 / 에크하르트 톨레 51위 -나르치스와 골드문트 / 헤르만 헤세 52위 - 15소년 표류기 / 쥘 베른 53위 - 살인자의 딸들 / 랜디 수전 마이어스 54위 - 사랑할 땐 별이 되고 /이해인 55위 - 세계의 끝과 하드보일드 원더랜드 / 무라카미 하루키 56위 - 69:sixty nine / 무라카미 류 57위 - 관촌수필 / 이문구 58위 - 검은 꽃 / 김영하 59위 -  전환시대의 논리 / 리영희 60위 - 서유기 / 오승은 영화감독 이용주 추천 책 BEST 55위 <세계의 끝과 하드보일드 원더랜드> TOP 21위 - 40위 21위 - 생각의 탄생 / 로버트 루트번스타인 22위 - 반 고흐 영혼의 편지 / 빈센트 반 고흐 23위 - 경청 / 조신영 24위 - 그 많던 싱아는 누가 다 먹었을까 / 박완서 25위 - 윤동주 평전 / 송우혜 26위 - 도가니 / 공지영 27위 - 음식의 언어 / 댄 주래프스키 28위 - 김약국의 딸들 / 박경리 29위 - 폰더 씨의 위대한 하루 / 앤디 앤드루스 30위 - 어떤 하루 / 신준모 31위 - 종의 기원 / 찰스 다윈 32위 - 여자 없는 남자들 / 무라카미 하루키 33위 - 달과 6펜스  / 서머싯 몸 34위 - 열하일기 / 박지원 35위 - 정체성 / 밀란 쿤데라 36위 - 눈의 황홀 / 마쓰다 유키마사 37위 - 살인의 해석 / 제드 러벤펠드 38위 - 파리대왕 / 윌리엄 골딩 39위 - 안데르센 동화 123가지  / 안데르센 40위 - 몬테크리스토 백작 / 알렉상드르 뒤마 영화배우 김혜수 추천 책 BEST 36위 <눈의 황홀> - 마쓰다 유키마사 - TOP 10위 - 20위 11위 - 레 미제라블 / 빅토르 위고 12위 - 우동 한그릇 / 구리 료헤이 13위 - 나의 라임오렌지 나무 / 바스콘셀로스 14위 - 연을 쫓는 아이 / 할레드 호세이니 15위 - 칼의 노래 / 김훈 16위 - 바람이 분다 당신이 좋다 / 이병률 17위 - 무진기행 / 김승옥 18위 - 인간 실격 / 다자이 오사무 19위 - 감정수업  / 강신주 20위 - 감옥으로부터의 사색 / 신영복 영화배우 공유 추천 책 BEST 16위 <바람이 분다 당신이 좋다> - 이병률 - TOP 2위 - 10위 2위 - 어린 왕자 / 생텍쥐페리 3위 - 연금술사 / 파울로 코엘료 4위 - 미움받을 용기 / 기미시 이치로 5위 - 상실의 시대  / 무라카미 하루키 6위 - 나무 / 베르나르 베르베르 7위 - 셜록 홈즈 전집 세트 / 아서 코난 도일 8위 - 탈무드 / 편집부 9위 - 꽃들에게 희망을 / 트리나 폴러스 10위 - 공중그네  / 오쿠다 히데오 영화배우 류승룡, 조진웅 추천 책 BEST 1위 <7년의 밤> - 정유정 - + 주제별 추천책 조승연 단원의 책 <어제의 세계> - 슈테판 츠바이크  - 김태훈 단원의 책 <포르노 영화 역사를 만나다> - 연동원 - 출처 비밀독서단
Lately, we’ve seen our Instagram flood with fashion girls experimenting tons (a lot!) with this must-have accessory - stoles. Fashion bloggers and influencers like Komal Pandey have shown us a few of various stole styles, by making it a crop top or a blouse, as a bandeau or a headgear, the chances are absolutely endless when it involves this versatile accessory! But now that there’s a nip within the air, we’d rather keep ourselves warm and chic by wearing this winter essential for layering. From luxurious pashminas to cotton silk stoles, from pom pom to festive red stoles, we bring back you 6 cool stoles and fun ways to style them this winter 1. CHEERFUL MULTI COLOR STOLE HOW TO STYLE 6 MUST-HAVE STOLES THIS WINTERShare on: Lately, we’ve seen our Instagram flood with fashion girls experimenting tons (a lot!) with this must-have accessory - stoles. Fashion bloggers and influencers like Komal Pandey have shown us a few of various stole styles, by making it a crop top or a blouse, as a bandeau or a headgear, the chances are absolutely endless when it involves this versatile accessory! But now that there’s a nip within the air, we’d rather keep ourselves warm and chic by wearing this winter essential for layering. From luxurious pashminas to cotton silk stoles, from pom pom to festive red stoles, we bring back you 6 cool stoles and fun ways to style them this winter 1. CHEERFUL MULTI COLOR STOLE This winter accessory won't only keep you warm but also assist you stay chic during this sweater-weather. Make your winter days happy and bright with our softest multi-colored stoles in luxurious Pashminas. you'll team it up with any monochrome ensemble to spotlight the stunning shades. Try the essential loop drape where all you've got to try to to is to drape the stole unevenly around your neck and loop the longer end around your neck twice before letting it hang and voila, you’re able to rock the winter look! 2. FIERY RED STOLE HOW TO STYLE 6 MUST-HAVE STOLES THIS WINTERShare on: Lately, we’ve seen our Instagram flood with fashion girls experimenting tons (a lot!) with this must-have accessory - stoles. Fashion bloggers and influencers like Komal Pandey have shown us a few of various stole styles, by making it a crop top or a blouse, as a bandeau or a headgear, the chances are absolutely endless when it involves this versatile accessory! But now that there’s a nip within the air, we’d rather keep ourselves warm and chic by wearing this winter essential for layering. From luxurious pashminas to cotton silk stoles, from pom pom to festive red stoles, we bring back you 6 cool stoles and fun ways to style them this winter 1. CHEERFUL MULTI COLOR STOLE This winter accessory won't only keep you warm but also assist you stay chic during this sweater-weather. Make your winter days happy and bright with our softest multi-colored stoles in luxurious Pashminas. you'll team it up with any monochrome ensemble to spotlight the stunning shades. Try the essential loop drape where all you've got to try to to is to drape the stole unevenly around your neck and loop the longer end around your neck twice before letting it hang and voila, you’re able to rock the winter look! 2. FIERY RED STOLE the colour ‘Red’ exudes boldness and confidence - prepare to form a press release with a fiery red pashmina stole, especially when the temperature starts to dip. On those freezing days, when the puffer jackets don’t suffice, it’s the additional accessories which will actually assist you keep you warm. Nuzzle up in our statement-making red stole that goes with almost everything, whether you would like a badass look with leather jacket or a classy look with a parka. 3. MUTED TONE STOLE Looking for a stole which will accompany anything and everything? Crafted in soft and luxe pashmina, choose a muted tone coffee cream stole which will accompany everything you wear! contribute on on add some color to an otherwise dull outfit or wear it around your neck as another layer to stay you warm. While there are numerous ways of wearing a shawl , we specifically recommend the ‘loop through’ drape - looks difficult but is extremely simple. Just fold your scarf in half and drape around your neck. Then, put one end through the loop and pull through. That’s all, you only learned a replacement stole wearing style!
Pharmacovigilance & Best Pharmacovigilance Training
Pharmacovigilance or drug safety in lay man language. Pharmacovigilance is the science that connects to the detection, collection, monitoring, assessment, and prevention of the negative effects of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical vigilance mainly involves the evaluation of information and facts provided by the health care providers. Pharmacovigilance excessively focuses on the adverse reactions of drugs, defined as the response to an unintended and noxious drug. It also includes the inefficiency of the drug. Errors like abuse and overdose of the medication and drug exposure during pregnancy despite the lack of an adverse effect are considered to result in an adverse drug reaction. Pharmacovigilance is extremely important to determine the usability and the effects of any drug. Any pharmacovigilance service centre undergoes special clinical research training through several clinical research course. This is one of the major departments of any pharmaceutical company. Any pharmacovigilance process mainly consists of four stages. These stages include: Pharmacovigilance Detection Process: This is the first stage in the vigilance process of any drug. It begins with the safety information that comes from several sources, which may be either solicited or unsolicited. Those that are received as a result of the targeted data collection form the solicited data sources. These include clinical trials with one or three phases and post-marketing, including interventional and non-interventional studies and research. Solicited sources also include organized systems that have a well-defined public health purpose and a scientific and clinical purpose. Solicited sources also include personalized programs forum-registered drug administration. Unsolicited sources are spontaneous and those which are received without any form of request. These sources generally include regulatory authorities, literature reports, patients and healthcare providers, license providers, internet, journal, books, and other resources. Pharmacovigilance Assessment Process: After the initial collection of all the required data, ICSR assessment is conducted. This assessment mainly includes: 1. Triage: This phase of potential adverse event report involves the major function of establishing the validity of an ICSR. Any valid ICSR should mainly possess an identifiable patient, an identifiable reporter, suspect drug, and an adverse event. 2. Data Entry: Any pharmaceutical company maintains its own suitable database. After validation, the drug parameters are entered into this safe database. The further steps in data entry include determining seriousness, coding the adverse events, assessing causality, assessing labeling, and concise and legible narrative writing. 3. Questioning Process: Any clarifications and additions discrepancies are raised and cleared during this phase of the assessment. 4. Reviewing: Physicians and other professionals review the safety regulations that emphasize the seriousness, causality, labeling, etc. 5. Closure of the case: The completed report, including all the parameters, is submitted to the required authorities. . Learn Best Clinical Research Course. Understanding and Analysing the Drug safety profile: The data collected is reviewed and analyzed to understand the safety profile of the drug using a periodic benefit-risk evaluation report which includes data collected from all forms of clinical trials and spontaneous trials for which a risk-benefit analysis is conducted. Particular adverse reaction follow-up queries are used to get structured information on reported suspected adverse reactions. A risk management plan and development safety update report is also made. Signal analysis is also conducted. Prevention of the negative effects: This phase is the final stage of pharmacovigilance. Performing minimization of risk activities in order to update the summary of the product description, a leaflet of patient information, labeling and packaging, and legal status of the medication is done in this phase. This stage also includes the monitoring of this minimization of risk activities. Collaboration in the field of pharmacovigilance forms the foundation of the WHO program for international drug monitoring. These reports are generally analyzed locally and could lead to action within the country itself. The WHO program membership of any country helps them keep up with similar researches and reports that are made worldwide. When there are multiple reports of a particular drug, this process may lead to a detection of a signal which could be hazardous to the human body. Ecopharmocovigilance: Procedures for monitoring the drug concentrations and the ill effects of these drugs on the environment lack despite the FDA. A concept including environmental pharmacology and pharmacovigilance focuses on this domain. The activities of ecopharmacovigilance include increasing the facts available on the environmental effects on the drug, use of environmental risk management plans, tracking new data on the exposure to the environment, risk identification, etc. There are several pharmacovigilance courses that focus on this aspect of the field.
Everything You Need To Know About Breast Lift
Breast lift surgery is the process of lifting up a woman’s breast to reduce sagging and improve her appearance. If the nipple and areolae are pointing downward or drooping downwards, then this surgery helps to lift them up. People get confused between breast augmentation and breast lift. Let me tell you both are different and could be done together if needed by the patient. The consultation process before any surgery is extremely important. So choose your breast surgeon well and discuss the cost of breast lift, recovery process after the breast lift surgery and the things that you need to take care of before the surgery. Consider All These Things For Breast Lift Surgery How to prepare for lift surgery? Well, start with looking for the best cosmetic surgeon to consult with. Ask about the importance of surgery, whether or not you need only a breast lift or also breast augmentation. Many women opt for both surgeries inorder to achieve the best result. It’s not necessarily true that breast lift will increase your cup size. Do you need a breast lift? A woman’s chest may start drooping due to a lot of reasons. When your breasts are sagging and the nipples face downward, then you can consider a breast lift. The surgery also reduces the areolae size along with improving the shape of your breasts. Making it appear fuller and firm. You might consider mastopexy if: * Your breasts are flatter and longer due to stretching, so they start to sag. * When your chest is unsupported then the nipple might fall below the crease of breasts. * You have downward-pointing areolar and nipples. * Out of proportion of the areolae in comparison to the breasts. * Uneven breast, one is uneven and sags more than the other. Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon Talking and communicating with your plastic surgeon is the most important step for this process. Checking all the corners to see if you are compatible with the ongoing process. Past health: Your plastic surgeon will ask for a medical history, checking for any complications or risk beforehand. They will check for mammograms also called breast x-ray scans. Definitely check for cancer or any abnormalities that can affect during surgery. If you had any surgeries recently or a medical condition, share it with your surgeon. Physical tests: Depending on the position of the nipples and areolae, the surgeon will examine your chest area to determine the best procedure. Surgeons will measure your breast, skin tone and best lift height for your body type. They will also take photos for medical documentation. Talk about final results: Convey to your breast surgeon, what your end goal is from your perspective. Tell them why you need breast surgery, what your appearance should look like. Understand all the risks and complications of the surgery. Post Surgery Recovery The recovery process after a breast lift surgery will need 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how detailed the surgery was. A post-surgery bra will keep your breast firm for recovery. Depending on the stitches, you may have to appoint a follow-up, to remove the stitches. You cannot do any strenuous physical tasks during the recovery period of about a week. The operated area may be slightly bruised and swollen for up to 2 weeks. Numbness may last for 4 weeks, along with pain near the incisions. Nipples may feel sore and may appear pinker than usual. However, the surgeon will provide you pain medication for the first 2 weeks. What to do after a breast lift? * Take pain medication prescribed by your doctor. * Visit your surgeon for follow up exams. * Wear the surgical support bra, all the time for at least 2 weeks. * Keep yourself covered from harsh sunrays. What not to do after mammoplasty? * Avoid sexual activity for 2 weeks. * Avoid bending, lifting, and straining for 2 weeks. * Resume daily activities after asking your surgeon. Final conclusion As usual, talk with your surgeon, convey what you want as the end result. Make sure you follow instructions carefully. Take rest for 2 weeks before resuming work. In one month period, your breasts will start looking better in shape and appearance. Check back with your cosmetic surgeon for any post-surgery difficulties.
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0. 머리 빗음 미리 여러방향으로 열심히 빗질 함 1. 아주 적당히 미지근 따듯한 물을 틀음 - 뜨거운물 찬물 ㄴㄴ 37~38도가 적당 - 으어어 시원하다 따끈한 물은 안돼 2. 물을 왕창 적심 wow 나 두피 흥건해요~ 정도로 손바닥으로 두피를 대강 마사지하면서 속까지 적심 3. 애벌샴푸 샴푸를 반만 짜 손바닥에 비벼  윗머리 밑머리 나눠서 바르고 손가락 지문 있는 부분으로 문질러 쎄게 하면 머리 빠짐 시원하다고 손톱으로 비비면 두피 머리카락 조져버림 손톱ㄴㄴ 이때 거품 많이 안 나 대강 문질러 그리고 대강 거품만 없게 헹궈 숱 적거나 건성이면 생략하고 4번으로 넘어가 4. ★★★★★ 또 샴푸를 한 번 짜 또 손바닥에 비벼 또 윗머리 밑머리 나눠서 바르고 손가락으로 열심히 비벼 이제부터 영상 참고 두번째 하면 거품 잘 남 헤어라인에 탈모있어서 헤어라인 뒷머리 정수리 꼼꼼하게 비빔 헤어라인, 귀 뒤쪽, 뒤통수 필수 아아아아아!!! 손가락 힘줘서 분노의 샴푸질 하면 안됨 5. 그 상태로 놔두고 양치함 6. 양치 끝나면 열심히 헹굼 ㅈㄴ 열심히 헹굼 뻣뻣해져도 헹굼 뻣뻣하니까 최대한 머리카락 걸려서 두피 땡겨지지 않게 헹굼 뒷머리 들어서 귀 뒷쪽 뒷머리 부분 잘 헹궈야 함 여드름 생김 마무리는 약간 시원한 물로 마무리 함 그냥 내가 더워서ㅇㅇ 7. 너무 뻣뻣하면 머리카락 끝에만 컨디셔너나 트리트먼트 하세욤 끝이 빗자루면 끝에만 하시길 트리트먼트는 물기 좀 제거하고 바름 두피에 닿으면 조짐 8. 수건으로 감싸고 비비지 않음 비비는거 머릿결 조지더라 그냥 짜고 대강 수건으로 턱 턱 두들기고 수건으로 감싸놓고 물기 흡수하는 동안 잽싸게 얼굴 로션 바를 거 바름 수건 이러고 오래 있는 것도 안 좋음 그리고 얼른 벗겨서 드라이기 ㄱㄱ 9. ★★★★★ 처음엔 따뜻한 바람 멀리 쐐서 두피만 말림 대강 한 2~3분 말렸나 그럼 머리카락도 자연스레 같이 마름  어느 정도 반쯤 말랐다 싶으면 찬바람으로 계속 말림 여름엔 선풍기랑 같이 말림 아침엔 시간 없어서 밤에 감음 지긋지긋해도 찬바람이 답 두피 마르는게 중요함 그렇게 끝 추가로 머리끝이 빗자루 같아서 호호바오일 3방울 떨궈서 끝에만 솰짝 바름 많이 바르면 기름짐 떡짐 느끼함 호호바오일은 이거 씀 11. 그리고 머리 빗어줌 다이소 빗 씀 얘랑 거의 똑같이 생김 이거 괜찮음 다이소에 이런 빗 있으면 아 얘구나 응 걔야 머리털이 빗자루면 밑에서부터 빗어 위에서부터 막 빗으면 머리카락 빠짐 12. 이틀 이상 놔두지 않음 많아도 이틀 안에는 하루에 한 번은 감았음 머리카락이 많이 빠지면 샴푸를 바꿔보고 샴푸도 중요함 비싼 거 상관없이 나한테 맞는 게 중요했음 무리한 다이어트 하는 건 아닌지  스트레스 받는게 없는지 확인해보고 탈모는 병원ㄱ 출처