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It's no other than Joongki and T.O.P!!! omg great choice Ha Jiwon... I also wanna work with them (except that I'm not even an actress). She shared that she liked actors who are younger than her, especially Joongki because his acting is amazing, and T.O.P because she can feel his genuineness. Please tell me that they will do a movie/drama together one day? I love Ha Jiwon!!
Hahahaha! I would love to see T.O.P. in more stuff.
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why not?
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hahaha !!!! she have some plans :))))
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@MasriDaniela I would actually love to see Yoon Eun Hye and T.O.P. in a drama together.
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TOP needs to be in MORE Dramas. So does GD, Daesung.
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