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What an inspirational story, but there is quite some pain behind it:" It was a during Holidays, and my family and i were invited over some relatives' place. We were ALL surrounding the table, enjoying the Feast made for the special day, then suddenly, Dad yelled at me asking me to STOP EATING! Like in front of Everyone else! That was the lowest point for me, but also the Changing point in my life towards a Healthier Lifestyle" Ryeowook.
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To make the record straight, when Ryeowook was in brave heart and most of the members of SJ tried really hard to destroy their younger pictures when they are still "common" ryeowook did not do the same.. he just laugh and look at the picture and just show it to the camera..(the picture was he wearing the polo with glasses..) That is where I respect and admire him..and became SJ fan..(not ELF actually)..
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true enough!
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Wooow~ Luar biasa perjuangannya !! ^^'
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