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One day, You were at home, looking through your phone, listening to kpop as always.

"I should do something productive today" You told yourself happily. You get up and look through your closet to see what to wear. You decided to wear black jeans, white vans and a red sweater. You go outside and see that it's pretty sunny today but you still feel a cool breeze. As you were walking through the block you see a boy moving in next door to you. He sees you and waves and you wave back. You go on through your day, walking through town and you see a little liquor store so you walk in to buy water. You walk out and as you are on your way home you see the same boy walking towards your house, before he rings the door bell he sees you and gasps loudly. He runs towards you, "Umm Hey there neighbor, Im Jungkook" He puts out his hand waiting for a hand shake."Hey Jungkook, I'm (Y/N)""Ummm Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to meet my new neighbors." as he says that he blushes and looks down."Its totally fine and since your new, Want me to show you around?"He nods forcefully, He puts his arm around your shoulders. "Where to go to first?" "umm how about the high school?"

"Nice to meet you, (Y/N)"

"Sure what school do you attend?" "I attend a school called "Bangtan School"

"That's great! I'm attending there too!!" you look at him and give him a high five. After about an hour or so, you and Jungkook see the school. "It looks nice." He says. "I guess...Do want to head home?" "Sure" He says loudly making him yawn." Aww you tired?"

"Yeah, Carry me?" You nod and hold him by putting his around your shoulders holding him stiffly. Now you guys are home, he looks at you and gives you a tight squeezing hug. As he brings you back making you look at him and his pretty face. He whispers softly in your ear, "Thanks, Talk to you later, Cutie.." You blush and giggle as you walk away. As your trying to sleep You keep thinking about Jungkook... He keeps thinking about you too...

I was so fangirling during this >.<
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