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This is pretty related to my other recent post. but keep in mind...just because someone says they're okay, and maybe even put a big smile on their face, there's a chance that something could be going on behind the scenes. so make sure you help them out...before it's too late... <3 you all
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@Sara3 I would be lying if I said yes. but that's why I want to help others won't be like me and so depressed ..I'm trying to take something so negative and find a way to keep myself going...and maybe this will making others better...:)
I feel your pain @SilverFangZ
God loves those who love his may God help u with ur worries.and don't worry it is natural for people to have problems.So good luck and im cheering for u.@SilverFangZ
@Sara3 Thank you that means a lot :)
I struggle with feelings like this a lot. I find solace in making other people happy and impacting the world that way, if even for a moment. it matters.