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Which would you rather have for your wedding cake?
In the top, you've got this BoHo chic two-tier fondant cake that's been hand painted with feathers and flowers. The addition of the 3-dimensional sugar flowers makes the cake pop without being over the top.
Below, is a rustic buttercream cake and cupcake assortment. The single tier more than makes up for its diminutive size through the use of cupcakes in butterfly themed lace cupcake trays.
Both are made by Cake Salon, which specializes in custom, themed and wedding cakes.
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@marshalledgar yessss dark chocolate 馃憛馃挦
I like the clean look of the Boho chic cake but I like the flower decorations on the rustic cake 馃槉
hahahha @butterflyblu your bipolar comment made me LOL really hard over here! hahaha Yeah, I made the switch from milk chocolate to dark several years ago. I just found the bitterness of the dark to be so exciting and complex. I like 70% cacao that's been infused with citrus such as limes and oranges. What about you @humairaa
This is a hard choice!!! I love the simple esthetic of the first, though. I'm more of a vintage kind of girl with a boho edge. (Bipolar much?) So yeah, the first. And Yes to the dark chocolate! All day long! :D
You can still have chocolate @humairaa LOL Just switch out the flavors for cocoa. I love dark chocolate the best--that's my weakness. @allobaber I love the simplicity and silhouette of the first one too. Very elegant and visually stimulating from an architectural standpoint. But the one that makes me want to dive in and eat is the second one. Can't win. haha
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