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That moment when you drive off into the sunset, after your nuptials and the honeymoon's about the begin, what style of send-off would you like? Assuming you're in a vehicle and not a helicopter or some other form of travel method.
I found these beautiful inspirational photos on Insta and wanted to share them with you here.
Be sure to check with your local laws for permits and restrictions concerning vehicular decals and anything that hangs from the car. You don't want to get pulled over by the police on your wedding night!
These pop poms are probably my favorite! Click here for more great wedding ideas and more inspo for your Big Day!
I'd go for the first one! It's cute & unique at the same time!
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I like the first one
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Thanks @humairaa and @Stephosorio I like the first one too.
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I also like the first one.
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