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I saw this last night and I was like, wait a minute!!!!! @BBxGD @KwanOfAKind @catchyacrayon you guys came in mind when I saw this
@desesoray hands, ropes, sheets, bed 😏😏😏😏😏
@catchyacrayon for real I saw this like months ago. and I wanted to throw my phone out the window. but I also use these pics on one of my story **cheessy** but I couldn't watch it again. ..
I saw this on Instagram once but only a part of it, I literally screamed and couldn't watch it because I'm GD trash and I get jealous easily hehe β€’ β€’ But I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING JUST FOR YOU CAUSE YOU SAID THIS REMINDED YOU OF US SO T^T β€’ β€’ I couldn't hold it for the first 10 seconds so I kept pausing but I managed to watch the entire thing, throughout those pauses I kept jumping and telling "nononononono" and having that awkward laugh lol, I was dancing and running around my room too as if I made a new Indian tribe dance xD I couldn't bare it xD xD
holly sh**!!! please tell me I'm not the only one wishing I were those hands? 😨😡
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