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Fingertip Balloons
Raise your vampiric fingertips to the blithering clouds.
Uneaten candlelight grows on your face with years of
Unsettled purity lapping like miniscule lions on the caves-edge.
Wrinkled maybe, they are the faint glowing embers of your
Youthful explanations.
The balloon hasn’t even touched its icy feet to the ground.
Latently, they ask why you don’t fly, when over the shrouded
Gates of misused rings there hangs a globe.
Eternity sleeps too soundly, you answer in the hoarse-whispering evening
Where Rilke translates poetry that you thought you couldn’t write.
Danger doesn’t abound here, only terror at the lynch-pin
Holding flitting hours down.
I knew a boy once who ate the numbers out of watches.
Glad is his terror, terrible is your own.
-Aaron Lantz
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Thanks @TessStevens! Yes, this one is quite different from my usual!
2 years ago·Reply
Also, did you draw that!? It's amazing. @alantz @VeronicaArtino @ButterflyBlu you two in particular I feel like would really like this.
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens, yes I did! Well actually painted it, it's a black and white picture of an oil painting I did a year ago. The real thing is quite colourful tho so I used the black and white for the poem, black and white is much more fitting for the piece I've paired it with here :p
2 years ago·Reply
WOAH. You are so multitalented it's not even funny! Curse you! hahahah @alantz
2 years ago·Reply
@TessStevens, haha, thanks so much!!! We'll see if it comes to anything in the end :O
2 years ago·Reply