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5) Favorite picture and GIF of your bias I have two pictures that I love....of Changkyun heh....idk if I should do Hyungie and Wonhoe heh.... Look at that face in the first pic....Changkyun I didnt allow you to look so prince like! Sooo.....beautiful Second image I love watching his really dorky moments....which he has lots....but look at him so cute >~< My gif the one I love....I love his smile here and just the way he looks....thank you Stylist noona! Just that smile right there screams boyfriend material!!
6) Three favorite pictures of Kihyun Kihyun is adorable! There should be no doubt about that whatsoever.... He is THE shortest of the members and I just want to hug him.... He looks like a kid between all of them and his smile warms my heart!