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So I've been wanting to learn Korean for a while now but I don't know where to get started or anything. Of course I know I few phrases and words from Kpop and dramas but I actually want to study it for real. Does anyone know of a good way I would be able to?
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I've been using Memrise to learn the alphabet and Korean words. They have an app but also have a website. I find the app easier to use.
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@Izab3lla yes me too.. If you find something that really works in teaching please let me know.. I been wanting to learn korean as well.. I been using Memrise to learn the alphabet.. And it's pretty easy so far.. But idk where to go now for the next step
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@BAbrajan1 i dont know if you want my input, but as i recomended to her, eggbun teaches you basic words and possibly more as you go along
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@Isolate ok! Thanks, I will definitely check it out 鈽猴笍馃憤馃徑
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I recommend talktomeinkorean.com, they teach you words and phrases step by step and their material is super helpful!
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